Spitfire Mk2

Well nearly a year has past since shooting this restoration project for Practical Classics. As far as I remember the weather was touch and go and rain either side of this day… Again local (as in less than 20miles from my home) so happy days all round for this one. The rest opener images could be the garage shot or a tracking shot.

We started as ever with the garage shot due to lights being set up and the most time consuming set up of the images.

Four lights used to get the images below lit. Because of the post in the middle of the garage it really limited getting the car in such a way to help with the DPS and where the centre crease of the mag would go.

You can just see the bottom of a stand far right of the frame which was the main light to light to two owners, the light on a small stand beside the door was used to light the front near-side wheel. The light clamped on the back wall was to lift the light on the side of the car nearest to the camera.

This image wasn’t used as the opening images but elsewhere. if it was the centre crease of the mag would have been between the wheel and the headlight.

While the car was on the drive and the sun was steady away we shot some details to get some in the bag. Really good job and level of restoration of work… and them wheels! even on a dark damp day they would be still gleaming.

Bit of a snap shot of the roof being removed here and ended up as a cover cut out for the article.

The opening DPS above and the original image below.

More of the tracking shots below, different angles / heights.

I like these two (above and below) images, to show the owners and also one less so…

A wide range from black to whites as the car was nearly black and the sky / clouds white so had to let the clouds go a little to help bring the detail out of the car.

Coming to the end of the shoot and the clouds becoming more frequent…

Them wheels man! …bling bling

Simple statics and details whilst the sun is still out.

Again only one real ‘detail’ shot used in the final print but you can never be shy on getting details.

Nigel the journalist always makes me laugh when we both try and get into a small car to get a driving shot of him. I’ve mentioned a few times I’m 6’3″ and Nigel is a good 6’4″… knees wedged…. this just adds to the list of our restoration shoots.

Great job local to me and the roads used weren’t that far from the owners as well so all in all a decent day 🙂


Frazer Nash Restoration

Another shoot for Classic & Sports Car, a little nearer to home and another restoration. Your off to photograph a ‘Frazer Nash’…. My first reaction once off the phone was to Google ‘Frazer Nash’, as I’d never heard of one….

A great restoration and pleasure to photograph a real classic vehicle. After shooting the Riley as neither restoration article the format was in the same vain. We started off grabbing some statics and owner shots and found a small sailing club willing to allow us access to its location on the edge of a reservoir.

The slip ramp down to the waters edge was an ideal place to have the Nash… pity about the pylons but you can’t have everything. A couple of Photox Indra heads either side of the camera to help lift the car when the sun was in or to help lift the shadows when the sun came out as the sun was behind the car on this angle.

A vertical of the same shot as the first one above. Verticals, landscapes of the same shot to give as much possibilities as possible for the final layout.

These three images of the owner beside the car ….. the one above was just a variation of the once below with arms folded which made the final cut.

Above, this was used small on the index page.

In essence the same shot but just tighter on one than the other. The sun kept coming in and out at this stage so was juggling the flash power a little but the cloud was moving a a decent rate in order to wait for a softer light didn’t take long.

Same as the two shots at the beginning of this blog. These two above were taken one after the other, high and low again to give a different option.


Plenty of little details to capture so here a re a few of them the tI supplied to the mag. Tight details like the Bosch lenses were good but also coming slightly wider to get one or two details in a shot help with adding more content to an image and article instead of loads of really tight details.

The tracking shots were in effect for an opening DPS or if a static was used then a stand alone image in the article. In anyway you’d be only seeing 1-3 max images from the tracking images / moving images. Framing all the images below for an opening DPS but also a wider composition to add some space to the image.

The couple of images below were a chance to get a good view of the exhaust pipes coming from the nearside… sent the Nash ups and down this short stretch of road. Like I said I only really wanted shots of the nearside but captured the car travelling the opposite way to test see how slow I could drag the shutter…

The image above was used on a vertical full blended page….. sky obviously added from the ‘sky folder’ : )


The final layout….. simple shoot but really good being local and an unusual car.

Lamborghini Countach – Epic Restoration

Its not everyday you turn up to a garage which has 4 Miura’s, 2 Countach and a few other original Lamborghini’s around the shop…. well we are only a few miles from the Lamborghini factory….

In the current issue of Classic Cars Magazine, this was another European quick trip to grab images then back again. The guy who owned the shop was the son of an ex Lamborghini employee of some 30 years. You quickly feel the passion of the people around here that it was almost a family ‘business’, not this shop as it was but working in the factory were generations from the same family.

The level of detail and restoration was incredible.


This was the first shot we took from a mezzanine floor…. didn’t really lack any colours! The lighting was funny in this place, plenty of daylight from the main shutter doors but it had florescent strip lights behind tinged perspex panels then on top of that there were skylights which had the same perspex over…. Plus the vibrant colours of the motors had to try and get the colour temp right in camera as much as possible.



You can see the final DPS and the original image I submitted, full frame without cropping. There was plenty of floor for the text / title. wanted to use the yellow Countach in the foreground to give a bit more depth.

jjp_0682  jjp_0683jjp_0684


My Italian is about 0.001%…. and these guys English about the same… so thankfully we had someone with us to act as an interpreter. Well I just needed to find the shots and shoot !


These three images of them chatting didn’t make the final article but lets you capture and show the process whilst on these jobs.


Not knowing where the facial expression will come as you can’t understand the language was interesting but got enough….

jjp_3332 jjp_3348 jjp_3344

As I said this car was clean and immaculate which was good as I think the article touched upon it that well over £2m was spent on this project.


This was one of the main cars as a lad you had on your wall. Even now it still is beyond its time, the extreme design can still hold itself now and will continue into the future…

jjp_3328  jjp_3318

jjp_3302 jjp_3310

After a few hand gestures, nods and such they got to know what ‘tinkering’ was to capture this shot…. just tinker with the engine etc etc…


I’ve shot a few “whats you favorite, or whats the most invaluable tool you have?”…. normally its like a really old funny sized spanners that is specifically designed for one nut on a re-build etc etc…. not knowing what would come out of the depths of a back room. This giant radiator key!!!!!! once shown I was upto speed…..doh!

A fantastic experience, we saw more places but didn’t make the final article.

I got to ride in this Lamborghini with a special driver at the wheel ; ) …… will blog about that when that one comes out : )



RAF Series 1 Resto

I’ve just written another quick blog on the x5 928s and mentioned that I’m seeing a lot of Porsche recently…. Well Land Rover is the other make I seem to have had a lot of to capture lately.

Shot earlier this year with a few days of the Cuthbertson Shoot. Again this was shot for Land Rover International Magazine.

An ex RAF landrover restored from the ground up. As ever the first task was to find a decent road to get some tracking shots taken…


The weather was majority of the time fairly flat so had to make something of the sky and punch the whole image a little. Kept low for this as the axle as you can see was an eye catching red so that helped a little to give the shot something else.

The final DPS was the shot (below) and you can see the final layout and crop as well.


Page 1

I must say this sounded really nice, especially when I was about 2 meters from it and the lane we were on was narrow and when going through the walled section just amplified the sweet sound even more.

JJP_9287   JJP_9092

Again giving various orientations for the tracking shots (above right) as I wasn’t sure how many pages and how many images were needed.

Page 2

JJP_9301 JJP_9302 JJP_9345

Plenty of detail shots as there was many things to write about without knowing at the time what would be mentioned. Not really that hard as the little details were around every nook and cranny.

JJP_9317 JJP_9334


By the time it came to shoot a few of the incidentals the sun had gone in and the grey clouds and rain came rolling in so a simple speedlight came into its own on the shot above to fill the faces…

Until next time…



Series 1 Landrover Resto

A quick article for Landrover Owner International which we documented that saw a 1st time restoration project. This was at the time I shot it the nearest magazine shoot to me…which was a nice change.

We ended up doing the tracking shots about 2 miles from my house, as that was the only roads I knew well enough that would be quiet enough to hopefully get some images.JJP_0941

For me I was happy with the results from these tracking shots. A bit of post work to give them something as the day was damp, foggy and really flat. I can’t really imagine shooting this defender in a nice sunny scene for some reason….I think that day suited it.


This one on a 90 degree bend was the closet I’d like to have got… but still made a decent shot.


The only rear shot we got…complete with telegraph antenna. I could quite easily take out the post but leave the image as a good starting point for the art editor to have a little room to move on.


The interior is what it is and this being an everyday ride did its job well.


We did a few panning shots with some puddles to splash through… I’ve posted this one as yes I knew I was going to get a little spray but it turned out to be a tad more!!

Once I get the layouts I’ll post in the ‘In Print’ Section.

until next time…