Plymouth Estates

I shot this a while back which was looking like it wouldn’t see print but Street Machine took up the images and ran with them.

A couple of Plymouth Estates, one a daily runner and the other a tuned street racer.

These three images above are all taken within a few mins of each other. The lights and car have remained in the same position and so just moving around slightly and changing the focal length to try and get variants for the mag to give them options for layouts.

Same as the landscape ones but repeat the same angles for some verticals. Some mags have a fairly rigid layout for each article and others will just allocate a number of pages. So they could potentially open on a vertical or a landscape, so with dead space above, below, to the side etc for copy and an opening title are what they are looking for with some decent options to choose from.

Same setup but with both Plymouths, these three images above taken in quick succession of each other…

Two lights above for a quick side profile…

On the road into that location above was this waste ground and so we took details and more statics as we had more room to move around the cars here.

Plenty to see in this engine and to focus upon, by this time the sun had come out, so I think I used one flash head to fill in the shadows.

I processed these images with a little more contrast and tonality to give a slight different feel…

The daily drive was good to shoot as it had some great patina which lent itself nicely in contrast with the ‘cleaner’ of the two (below) : )

The interior diving shot wasn’t hard to shoot as these plymouths are massive inside and with the bench seat it feels bigger.

Pleased this got to print…

until next time, Jona


Eat my dust ‘Wile E. Coyote’ !

Keep saying this but this one tops the chart for the closet to my home…. some 1.8 miles!

Shot for American Car Magazine this Plymouth Road-Runner was no slouch when it came to sound, looks and appearance. One of the cleanest American muscle cars I’ve shot. The location was Black Dyke Mills in Queensbury, W. Yorks.

The sun was bright as ever and so the use of lights to lift the shadows was definitely needed.


The red didn’t need any work in the sense it was already popping too much. Just controlling the reflections mainly on the sides to eliminate unwanted background features being reflected onto the bodywork.


The engine bay was very clean with plenty of angles to choose from for details. Again the shadow from the hood / bonnet was so dark full power was required to lift them to an acceptable level.


Another image which was used full bleed over the DPS. The final use of the foreground was one reason I shot with my chin on the ground. The final image being darkened in order to accommodate a few filler images and the text boxes…

Layout 1


The rig shot was shot for a quick cover option…. Not my favorite rig results, well pleased with the composition but technically could have been better but that’s just me…


You can’t beat blue sky and a vibrant coloured car which I’ve be fortunate lately with recent shoots with the weather.

Till next time…


You can see the finished article in the In Print section.

Plymouth Makes Cover – ACM

It was a ‘fresh’ September morning last year and a full English breakfast ‘sarnie’… (or ‘flat cake’, ‘buttie’ etc etc) was a much welcome start to this cold day in Sheffield, that was brought by the owner of this Plymouth…so thanks Carl. I can still feel the cold now!

Finding locations is a constant search for me, especially with American Cars. Really don’t want to shoot in a car park or a layby etc etc … Suggested by Carl this old unit turned out much better than on even first arrival. Looking back I could have saved some of the location for another day and made it spread over two shoots at least.

The main hanger we had to get a few brooms to sweep broken glass, stones and other non-tyre friendly objects! Once we cleared a decent amount of space we shot plenty of statics and let the background bleach out and the roof space to get some detail…


Having to use some lights to help balance out the shot so the sides weren’t lost….


Ideal for a rig shot in here I grabbed a couple of orientations as a potential cover (which is what it ran with) and a double page spread to give some choice.



Never say “can you do a burn-out?” … when what I mean and I should be saying do you mind doing a quick burn-out. Other wise you just get a look and quick often a laugh that doesn’t need to be interpreted other than knowing the answer to be “Is the Pope… !!!”


Not sure if I’ve got my facts correct but Carl was either 1st or 2nd in a burn-out competition at a race meet and kindly produced a couple of straight lines for us…


An everyday ride going to the shops which doesn’t draw any attention…well…possibly a little.


The sign-writing really helped make the car standout and I did a little ‘retro’ post production to get it a little something else which I’ve not used before for ACM.


The Plymouth was like the rest of these cars very spacious but looking at Carl here you’d be thinking it was a tight fit. I’m 6’3″ and I don’t normally look up to most people but Carl was a tall n.

Thanks again for the Breakfast Carl …

You can see the finished article in the ‘In Print’ section of the gallery.

Until next time