Got to be seen to be believed…

This was the 2nd LRO (landrover Owner International) magazine shoot in as many days within less than a mile from each other. Not only that but less than 30mins from me…. happy days. This one certainly ticks the box for “really!”, “That’s mental!”…. you can add your own as well.

All I was told was that it was a landrover on tracks… didn’t surprise me to hear that but to see it, you’d expect Fred Dibner behind the wheel stoking up the steam engine in order to reach its full top speed. After saying that a steam engine would probably leave this Cuthbertson for dead!


On entering the Huddersfield Landrover Centre, (a place I’ve driven past on numerous occasions but never ventured in) you couldn’t miss the thing. I’m 6’3″ and to stand beside it the top of the tracks came just above my waist. Not only the size of it but the fact it was parked next to a City Cab, custard yellow in colour. Probably two of the rarest Landrovers parked beside each other each created for complete separate uses.


The sun was shining which helped but the only place we could shoot this was a track beside the Hudds centre that we could drive up and down on. You can see above that the sun was directly behind me and so I was trying to hide my show in other shadows, like the tree trunk shadow above…


Trying to get some motion in the tracks & wheels meant shooting at a ridiculously slow shutter as the speed on this thing was about 5 mph…

JJP_9570  cuthbertson R (Low-res PDF)-1

The opener spread, double page before and after print…


Dragging the shutter in order to accentuate the speed was always going to give this vehicle the impression that it went some…. alas not.


A few trips up and down this 200 yd track was enough to get some motion shots…


With it have a ‘steady’ speed I was able to keep running ahead or behind in order to get a different angle and make each ‘run’ as profitable for images as possible. it was forward one way and reverse the other… the turning circle on this was probably about a ‘week’.


A full restoration so the interior and finish on this was immaculate. All standard and original spec. We managed to get this shot before this example was being sent over to the US for someones private collection.


Just a little fill light as normal to bring the interior out as the sun was still glaring in…


After the tracking images it was down to details and getting some more info on how this thing works and the issues when restoring. The image above had just one speedlight hidden to balance out the sunlight which was coming in top left of the frame…

Certainly a different vehicle and one of the most unusual ones I’ve photographed.

Until next time


Camaro – ACM July Cover Shoot

Shot back in Sept 2014, I’m pleased it has made it to a cover. Looking for a suitable location in the middle of North Yorkshire was as ever the first stage for an ACM shoot.

This particular location was an old Army camp with those buildings that can be described as oil barrels cut in half length ways and on its side.

The air-field has long since gone and these buildings are the last remaining visual evidence of army activity within the area. Currently the buildings are used as pigsties…interesting to say the least. The owner was very accommodating but just asked us to stay near the top end of the buildings due to, I think new piglets were in certain buildings and didn’t really like too much noise.

Well lets try and keep a V8 640bhp quiet then! We only really had a small area that we could work with as terms of backgrounds and noise level distance! : )


(This corner and the path/road directly behind the Camaro, image above, was the area that we had to play with)

This Camaro was to say the least understated. Black as can be with very little bright work / chrome. The sky was clear and so the sun was harsh so had to dump a lot of flash onto the car to pull the shadows up a little.


I tend to use a polarizer a lot for my auto work especially with darker paintwork. Simply being as the bodywork can be like a mirror and so just to knock off unwanted reflections. (do use it for other reasons which I will blog about when they come into play)


A lot of these American cars I’ve shot are used every day but some are literally for racing….(Orange Mustang – Feb Cover ACM, Bootleg Camaro) … this was no exception. ‘Comfy’, once you navigated the roll cage and got the right limbs through the 5-point harness. All while contorting yourself to get a driving image…(below).


Still puts a smile on my face even if we only go less than a mile in order to get a few shots inside. This car certainly felt like it would ‘take ya face off’…. and I’m told it does low 10s. I’ve got to put my hands up and admit I’m not clued up with this racing series and seen. Threatened Dave the editor of ACM a few times that I will make a race meet… (I just need to get sorted)


Hearing from Dave and what he knows about this Camaro it can deliver and has the potential to break the 10 and get into the 9s.


The rig worked well as ever… a little post work was needed to pull the dark shadows caused by the sun.


We had a small ‘window’ where the whole car was in the shadow and so we did 1 or 2 more runs than I would normally have done. Did do a vertical image as well but the landscape had more interest in the background so I can see why that was chosen for the cover over the vertical.

Layout 1







Its always interesting to see how magazines tweak your images be it a lot or just a little. Increasing the vivid / saturation to make the red tower behind the car to stand out a bit. If it wasn’t for that colour in the background then the image would have a different feeling. that dash of colour helps the image. With it being a black car and the buildings (apart from the red tower) flat in colour this certainly helps.

You can see the final layout in my portfolio here.

Until next time.

Be safe
















The List – Lotus Carlton (Classic Car Magazine)

‘The List’ is an article done by Classic Cars Mag and puts a reader in one of their chosen dream drives. The reader this time was a guy called Tim and one of his dream rides is the Lotus Carlton…


For me this is a classic icon from my youth and was great to see this car in the flesh. A mint example with sub 14k miles on the clock. No 95 of I think 950 cars completed.

Around the North Yorkshire moors we took off to find some roads that were suitable for some tracking shots.

The opening cover shot was on a main very straight drag …


The interior was as immaculate as you’d expect from such an example as this…



(As the road says…. Slow…. its not the way for this Carlton)

Car to car we were about 25-30mph and at times it was hard to keep the Carlton on a steady course at that speed as the turbos were on the edge of kicking in…


Like all around this car the presentation was immaculate and was the same for under the bonnet.


Some of the roads were…. lets say a little uneven and so proved a little challenging but we got there in the end.Once we finished gathering the images we both needed fuel and so off we took to find the nearest station. I was well past the petrol light on mine and then it started to flash… all was well. Re-fueled and then it was back to return the car.


I’ll post the final layouts here when I can them.

Until next time…



911 Restoration – Leeds Porsche Centre

This was at the time the closest automotive magazine shoot that I’ve had… only a 20min drive … happy days. Shot for Classic Car magazine the 911 Turbo won ‘Best Mechanical Restoration’ and was only a few points of being the overall winner.

If I were to shoot in a garage I’m more used to the smaller shops or mostly private garages. The Porsche Centre Leeds certainly was on another level altogether. Clean, organised and the whole place spoke ‘efficiency’.

The first port of call was to get the main DPS (Double Page Spread) shot sorted as that was the lead image into the article. This restoration shoot predominately is intended for within the magazine and not for the cover. A similar style from one resto article to the next is the aim which still leaves you enough room to compose a shot.

Arranging the vehicles and finding an angle that works in the DPS and also has interesting elements, tells the story and also has room for title and copy.


This is one of the initial shot / testers to see what elements work, if its too busy or too empty. Also can just get some lighting in there to help focus the readers attention. The car being red and all the other cars and its surrounding all fairly neutral made this even easier.


The car on the jack in the foreground wasn’t going anywhere and although it was red also from this angle it didn’t interfere to much with the 911.

This car and its owners had history with the centre which made it all the more interesting and tied up the story nicely.


A few lights were also needed to get an overview shot of the interior from the drivers side.


In the article each member of the team talks about there specialist area and what they had to do with the car. This image on the left was shot to show the interior but it never made the final article.

A couple of speedlights used in this one…one on the dash of the car and the other on the back parcel shelf.


Getting under the car to shoot a few images to go with the engine side of the article proved a little tricky. Purely to find an angle that wasn’t too extreme and also of interest which could be lit sufficiently.



All in all a nice shoot and was good to meet the workshop staff from Porsche Centre Leeds.

You can see the finished article and layout here.


London Classic Car Show 2015

Mixed thoughts were about from the auto world with the launch of the London Classic Car Show @ Excel. I was there with the Luxury Rallies company to whom I’m the official photographer.

With two rallies planned this year, a trip to Spa and also the Riviera Rally. A 7 day luxury holiday taking in some of the best roads in Europe and hotels to mix both scenery, relaxation and great company.

Back to the show….

The show was from the outset going to be the top sellers and grades of car…and it didn’t fail to deliver. At the center of the exhibition they had ‘The Grand Avenue’ which was the main focus for the live parades.


This was closed off for the parades of cars which ranged from all decades of vehicles through to group B, supercars and F1 examples.


JJP_1419 JJP_1431 JJP_1444 JJP_1449

On show were some real top examples of classic cars …. as you can imagine, from a range of specialists.

JJP_1472 JJP_1673

Well was a good show … met some great people…

If you want to see a larger selection of images then please follow this link.

until next time …

Jensen FF Unveil @ the NEC Classic Motor show…

Saturday just gone saw me at the Classic Motor show at the NEC. A car enthusiast I met on the Venetian Rally 2014 has commissioned a Jensen FF rebuilt / restoration which was unveiled at the show on Saturday. He asked me to document the occasion and the people involved.

Bavarez are the people who are responsible the restoration of this FF. A strap line for them and indeed this restoration is ‘Upsetting Owners Clubs One at a Time’… This is a one off build and attracted a crowd even with a black cloth over it…

There were a few people involved and took a shine to the car. Drummer and auto journalist @fuzztownshend, supermodel @HarriadnieBeau, the guys from Bavarez other representatives from the Jesnsen club. The previous owner of the car who had know idea where his car had gone to once he sold it and then noticed the reg plate at the show and had to double take a few times. This was great as the previous and current owner met for the first time and was great to document that.


(L-R Steve (Bavarez), Fuzz, Harriadnie, Gregg (Bavarez) with the unveiled FF.

Below the current and previous owner get down to business and discuss the cars past life and whats in store for it now…


Harriadnie has joined Bavarez on other occasions for photo shoots and needless to say there were a few cameras on the stand clicking away…!


We’ve got a few more shoots lined up with the FF so stay tuned…



Goodwood to Venice – 7 Day Rally / Trip

A little over a month now I formed part of a 4 person crew driving two support vehicles with the extra role of rally photographer. Not so much driving and car photography but documentary / street / fly on the wall photography….or which ever you want to call it. This area of editorial photography suits me down to the ground.

The trip started early at Goodwood with a few laps around the track and then off to the channel tunnel. A couple of nights through France then a short trip through Switzerland then onto Italy.

Documenting the places / hotels and people on the trip to produce a story / timeline of the 7 day trip. This was then offered as a leather bound Photo Story Book to the guests on the trip.

Just over 21 cars were entered. Bentley’s, Ferrari’s, Porsche’s and Aston’s to name but a few of the cars involved. Please follow this link to see a selection of promo shots selected to give a flavour of the rally.

For more info on the next scheduled rally please visit Riviera Rally 2015. Next years destination is casino square Monte Carlo.


To see a few more images that include some of the destinations please follow this link.


No horsing around with this Grand National…

A shoot earlier this summer found me photographing a car which can be described as the car Darth Vadar would drive if not in his Tie Fighter…

This car had a recent revival thanks to the movie ‘Fast & Furious 4’… you can see a clip from the scene here… Its one of those cars that … well it sounds funny but you either know it or you don’t. While we were there it caused a little bet with some of the workers at an adjacent factory to guess what it was… One of them came to find out and thought it was a Pontiac and soon found out that his wallet was £20 lighter!!!

This was a good car to shoot for details as the repeated Grand national logo of the V6 was splashed inside and outside…

JJP_1966 JJP_1968 JJP_1924


As ever the owners of American muscle car’s can’t turn up easily the opportunity of a burnout…..or two!

Resulting in leaving a few marks ….. and some rubber…


JJP_2019 JJP_1977 JJP_1896

Out in Septembers issue of American Car Magazine

Since this shoot I’ve already shot a few more cars for ACM and have a few more further cars to shoot…to date.

More later…


Torino makes cover…

As I write this blog I’m in the middle of shooting 6 cars for American Car Mag … As with pretty much all these American cars the 68 Torino GT was great to look at and had a great shape. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before but for me the location can make or break the shoot / final images. I’m always looking for ‘urban’, ‘industrial’, ‘gritty’ backdrops for these cars.


This location was based about 30 miles from the car but thanks to the owner he was really willing to travel and make the best possible use of this opportunity. Like with the location back in the beginning of the year for the Plymouth & Demon shoot, the location was a good location and was available at just the right time. This old RAF hanger was just in the process of being cleared out and used for a storage company. Thanks to them we were given the empty hanger for the best part of a day… #HappyDays.

On arrival I had a good chance of planning the areas I wanted to concentrate on to shoot some ‘hero’ shots, detail shots and some rig shots. For me the use of such a large space which was perfectly level, indoors (no wind!) was the most ideal conditions for some rig shots.


As the owner was in no rush and we had a great location we took the liberty of gathering more images than was needed….

You can see the final article here. I’ll add a ‘Behind the Camera’ post in due course of this shoot.

In the mean time…. have a good weekend.


Behind the Lens – MG Midget

On the shoot for Practical Classic magazine, as well as the owner and myself we had Neil with us (senior writer for PC who came to interview the owner and also to keep an eye on me 😉

I asked him to grab a few shots of me in action so I can include some more ‘Behind the Lens’ articles.

BTL Midget 1

You don’t see many images of me…but at least this one has my best side!!! The resulting image of that set up is below… Straight forward shot.

MG Midget

Another shot of the set up… I mainly use a couple of Speedlights with Phottix triggers which I can work with at a good pace.

BTL Midget 2

Simple set up with a few speedlights just to bring a bit of definition to the engine bay…

MG Midget

The roll bar helped with attaching the rig and also to capture a driving shot. I would normally sit in the car to shoot a driving shot (see the camaro shoot blog) but as the Midget is…well small… it would be too crammed to get a shot without my feet or knees in it. Thank you roll bar!

BTL Midget 4

As I ran beside the car (thankfully not traveling that fast!) on a wireless remote I fired off a few frames…


Till next time for some more behind the lens blogs…

Its been fun