‘Life Cycle’ – Classic Cars Editorial

Each car I’ve shot for Classic Cars Magazine has been for a different editorial piece. For example the last post was for ‘The Collector’ piece and this Laser Capri is for the ‘Life Cycle’ article.

JJP_0055Not quite back home in the North East for this one but getting there… at the North end of North Yorkshire. As ever my mind is on the opening image and the DPS. This was another one of those moments of interest when you see how the magazine has used the images you shot. Not a DPS as such but 3/4 of one.

JJP_0117Depending on the size of article and how much space the magazine has allocated will dictate on the size and number of images used. For a number of reasons I like how this image above turned out which for me would be a good shout for a DPS.

So the reasons I like this image… well firstly it was the first auto shoot with my latest camera. I had a couple of D700’s and a few months back replaced on of them with a D810. Still getting to grips with different features that the D700 doesn’t have and also the file sizes…not to be taken lightly!

The other main reason for liking this picture other than seeing the added resolution and step up from the D700 (which is still a fantastic body and one which I still use regularly) was how the post process went. The day was a dreary and with the worst sky you could have to try and photograph…flat white. So you’ve got to capture both the darks and lights in order that they aren’t too dark or to light so you can pull the details out post process. Nothing added to the sky other than effectively reducing the exposure and visa-verser for the car and shadows.

It did help that the car was red and so did add something to the flat colours and levels. As ever the use of a polarizer never goes amiss.

JJP_0146Finding a smooth road as possible, quite enough to move the tracking car in and out is another task to add to the mix….

Incidentally as I type I’m researching some kit in order to help capturing these type of tracking shots more successfully. (More details may follow)

JJP_5990The article focuses on the life of a vehicle and the owners that have owned it. This Capri started off in Essex and now runs around North Yorkshire with the new owner who alternates it with another Capri and runs them all year round.

We shot a lot of documents relating to the car and one of them was this Ford brochure from 1985 which I’m sure I had a copy from my first car show at the NEC with my dad and brother.

The double page of a Laser in the brochure (below) I had to show as it could have been taken from a photography book from the 80s with its Cokin style sun set and tobacco filter…

Those brochures were like an encyclopedia back then….



The interior was in decent shape, with its chunky gear stick and ‘retro’ analogue clock…


Not many other shots required for the ‘Life Cycle’ article but a few of the current owner and writer Nigel Boothman talking about certain aspects and details of the car.


Until next shoot / article appears be safe…


You can see the final layout and article in my portfolio ‘In Print’ section.

Jensen FF Unveil @ the NEC Classic Motor show…

Saturday just gone saw me at the Classic Motor show at the NEC. A car enthusiast I met on the Venetian Rally 2014 has commissioned a Jensen FF rebuilt / restoration which was unveiled at the show on Saturday. He asked me to document the occasion and the people involved.

Bavarez are the people who are responsible the restoration of this FF. A strap line for them and indeed this restoration is ‘Upsetting Owners Clubs One at a Time’… This is a one off build and attracted a crowd even with a black cloth over it…

There were a few people involved and took a shine to the car. Drummer and auto journalist @fuzztownshend, supermodel @HarriadnieBeau, the guys from Bavarez other representatives from the Jesnsen club. The previous owner of the car who had know idea where his car had gone to once he sold it and then noticed the reg plate at the show and had to double take a few times. This was great as the previous and current owner met for the first time and was great to document that.


(L-R Steve (Bavarez), Fuzz, Harriadnie, Gregg (Bavarez) with the unveiled FF.

Below the current and previous owner get down to business and discuss the cars past life and whats in store for it now…


Harriadnie has joined Bavarez on other occasions for photo shoots and needless to say there were a few cameras on the stand clicking away…!


We’ve got a few more shoots lined up with the FF so stay tuned…



A few familliar faces @ the NEC Classic Motor Show

Whilst being at the NEC on Saturday for the Jensen FF unveil I had the chance of wandering around to take in the sites and sounds… There were one or two familiar faces out there…



Mike Brewer & Ed China from Wheeler Dealers… and yes I thought I was a good height at 6’3″… Ed C must be about 6’6″!


and the one and only Sterling Moss…


Well I’ll be sure to post more images now and then from my various travels…


Autosport International – A few bits…

Sat 11th Jan found myself traveling early doors with a good friend down to the NEC. Not knowing what to expect as this was the first time at Autosport Int. Show.

After taking in the live event and having a laugh at the smart cars we headed off to what seemed like hall after hall of automotive life.

The best hospitality area IMO went to Caterham with its typically English feel 🙂 caterham loungeAlso on their stand is the best looking concept car I’ve seen for a while. The Aero Seven certainly grabs the attention but as ever I was looking at the details hence no image of the car its self. (If you want to see the car then follow this link


JJP_6043The other car that I wanted to see was the Bentley GT3 which I kept an eye on whilst it was in Abu Dhabi at the end of last year. It looked big in images but in ‘the flesh’ that is some car.



The last image I want to show you was PopBangColour a guy that looked like he was on the set of ‘Why Don’t You’… Great concept, great artist… great to see.


Well as well as meeting a few other contacts it was a good day. Plus on the way back home we listened to SAFC…..they won 😉