BACMono “One of a kind”

I had the pleasure recently of visiting the BAC (Briggs Automotive Company) factory again and this time had the chance to create one of my Car Portraits. These I shoot for car collectors and anyone else that would like something different and bespoke on their garage, office or man cave wall.

A combination of a technique that just captures the flash and not the ambient light, certain strip lighting and a keen eye to try and capture the contours of the car. I finish up with about 40 images. From these I combine certain areas from each image to produce a final portrait. The final image is in the minds eye when shooting but only reveals itself whilst working post capture which for me is where the enjoyment comes.

Bac Mono Portrait2logo small

As well as looking to ‘create’ a portrait I also capture certain features of the vehicle…


These are a little more straight forward to capture.


This one above of the ‘head rest’ was captured with two images. Carbon fibre has a great pattern to it but the light has to be in the right angle… To give this more shape I lit the far side for the ‘trim’ on the opposite side to give the whole structure more form instead of letting the headrest fade off into black.


Again for the same reason as the headrest, this image of the tail lights was a combination of two images. The reason being the carbon directly below the red stripe brake light could only be lit from a certain angle to show the recognizable carbon pattern.


These few images were among other detailed shots for me to select from, in the end to produce a final poster print… an example of which is below…

20x40 template

At this stage we can create any size print and formation of images to appeal to the owners choice, appeal and also chosen wall space.

If you are interested in finding out how you could commission your own JJPCarPortrait for yourself or indeed as a gift or corporate gift then please just contact me.

You can see some behind the scenes images within the BAC factory via this link.

For now… be safe