Targa Time – June / Cover Shoot

5 Targa’s, North Yorkshire Moors, the original date was moved due to the poor weather…. new dates set and the forecast was sunshine all day….. happy days! Checked the forecast the night before and still all looking good, travelling there on the day the story was different. Slightly overcast but still fairly bright but when we got to the location, on the tops of the moors the wind was a decent strength..


The image above was a quick phone snap. In that canvas bag hung on the bottom of the tripod has effectively x4 sandbags to weigh the thing down as the wind was mental. The video below has me waffling on but when I turn you get the idea of the wind!

Getting the Cover shot done while the cars were in a decent clean state and this parking area was clear of other vehicles as well. My image I sent in to the mag on the left which is made up of I think of about 6 images. The TVR front NS was light as well as the 348ts front nose, OS wheel and 911 bumper nearest to the camera just to lift them a little. Was framed incase they ran with all of the cars on the cover but with room to crop. The horizon, reduced by squashing, reducing to give more type space and a little blue sky.

For the few group wider shots we moved the TVR, TR4 and 348. Really for either an alt opener, final article image or content page. Due to time we ran with the lighting and didn’t light anything.

While the cars were there I took about 5 different ‘cluster’ images of various groups with the one above left used in the content page with the famous Porsche targa detail.

The other orchestration image to shoot was the opener with all 5 cars in the frame.

To make it easier and get as clearer shot of the cars was to shoot on a bend so we could frame the cars as they naturally fan out behind us.

A couple of runs to get everyone the feel of where I wanted them and comfortable we got a couple of frames that I was happy with.

Original image above and the final DPS below. I tend to keep my images on a neutral feel so the mag has enough latitude in the Jpegs to push and pull accordingly.

After this then the plan was to drive a root and then for me to make sure I get each car front and rear. Simply by keep mixing the order of cars and then for me to ride in each car to shoot forwards and backwards.

Some of the cars were easier to get into position and other like the TR4 were tight (for a big lad!)… Repeated a few of the shots as some cars were good to use details / badges as a lead into the frame.

These shots above and below were on the cutting floor but I still liked them…. The TR4 could have been a lot closer for my liking but again would you have a TR4 up your rear end egging you on to get going!

To cross the t’s and dot the i’s we shot individual cars to again give a few options for the layout. The road above is a fantastic road in the North Yorkshire moors…. the Romans would have had kittens if they saw this (above) but for the driver its all the sweeter : )

Tried a couple of village shots to give a wider sense of tour…. (on the cutting floor….)

With an area to get a quick static and details of each car…. below are some that were used and some that didn’t make it…

911 engines are just there…. no real easy way to make interesting in that sense but tried to use the Carrera badge on the boot lid as a lead in… and again for the 348

The dials and buttons in the 348ts look like something from a Casio calculator or 80s Walkman… proper old school retro…

The TVR hood that is in two parts had some real sculptural shapes which you just have to use and run with : )

Finally after the panning shots and details was to get Sam behind the wheel of one of them (this was after he’d driven all of them through out the day)…. TVR was the choice which is a mental car and just wanted to chew through the roads….

19 pages is no mean article and must be the biggest out a shot for me…

All in all despite the weather and conditions it turned out better than expected.

You can always rely on the weather…. and the next few days the sun was out blazing!

Since this shoot I’ve been back to that location for another very different vehicle and the day was blue sky and wind was non existent which was a change from this day… : )



288 GTO

The day was crisp and still in the stunning Scottish boarders… With a 288 GTO looking good against moorland backdrop the day was set up to be a good one 🙂

The first call was a single track snaking up above a remote reservoir to get some statics for a possible opener. It turned out none of these images we shot up there made the final article so here are a few more images from the early stages of the day.

Trying a few different angles and compositions to see what fit best on a DPS. With the light been so flat it helped to balance out the light sky and the midnight black colour of the GTO!

Tried a few more wider shots to get the scenery in…… one thing became apparent was the purchase of some radios which I had in mind to do before this shoot but confirmed my decision to go ahead and get some when I got back home that evening! On the image above sent them way down the valley and when I tried to wave them up as I had no phone signal whatsoever to get them to come up it proved an issue!

Again just trying a few more wider shots as I knew we would be getting tighter tracking shots later on in the day.

Run back to the car after the shot above to follow them then onto another location to start the tracking shots …

Found a decent section of road about 1 mile long with a few bends to have a few runs up and down to get some low shots. The double white lines in gives you another option for a focal element in the shot.

These two images above on the same short run to show that you try and get slightly different angles / height of the camera to get different feels to the shot.

Couple of pans from the same stretch of road from each side to use the advantage of the height of the banking and three the barrier on the other side.

The full framed image above and the final crop of the DPS below…

Once we had the main tracking in the bag we then started on the interiors and detail shots. Three shots above from the same position, just different focal lengths and angles…

With the light being nice and flat helped with the dark interior…

A few other details, taking in the striking yellow decals and Ferrari badges.

Another journalist I’ve worked with many times is a few inches taller than me and as I’m 6’3″ its a tight squeeze into the cabin even with the seat as far back… not much room with both of us in there !

With just getting a clear rear shot in the bag this would see the shoot concluded. Two shots up you can see the tracking vehicle in the bottom right hand corner. I normally leave that in so the mag / art editor can see the full frame and if it needs removing it can be done if chosen for the final edit.

The image above was used in the final edit but I took out the telegraph poles and tidied it up a little…. see the edit below.


The final layout above… was a few months back now but it ended with a bit of drama. A little further up that road on the final rear shot shown we pulled over to finish off. As the car with the journalist set off I suddenly remembered he had my mobile phone as I had lent it to him as I had a better signal… ah well. I had no way of contacting him until I got home some 5 hours later.

My phone landed through my door a few days later…. Happy days : )

‘The Collectors’ – Classic Cars Magazine

With just over half of the Hughes collection to shoot there was still enough to feast your eyes upon with 9, covered, stored vehicles ranging from the 1940s through to the 90s.

Using the words from the article (credit – Ben Field) John Hughes …”left that morning as an owner but came back a collector”.

This shoot for Classic Car mag was to capture images for the next installment of ‘The Collectors’ editorial. Looking at those with a passion to find and collect cars with real intent and purpose.

John Hughes is no different. With the help of is two sons they have high standards in looking for the right car. With an immaculate, full and detailed history the car has to have low miles and be the best example available.

With ‘Classic Cars’ each editorial and story has its own style and angle for the images which for me keeps things interesting. For this as you can guess it majors on the cars and owners. So when you walk in to this collection the first thing I’m looking for is the DPS and finding the opening image.

We shot a wide range of images in the main storage unit with the three guys…


Each car had its own specific cover as you would expect. The Blue cover for the Bentley was a bit dark so had to light that separately to try and bring some detail and the logo out.

Fairly tight for space in there and with only one angle to really shoot a DPS and get some lights in without getting in the frame.

The shot which did make the opening spread was the garage that housed the 1967 E-type, 1990 F40 & 1941 Jaguar SS100. Having two iconic super cars of their own age in the E-Type and F40 side by side joined with the elegant lines of the SS100 was a sight to behold…


With one strip light in the space we weren’t going to get far with that so we used 3 Bowens studio heads to light this space. One on the floor between the E-type and F40. Another shooting through the side window of the garage in-line with the wing-mirror of the E-Type. The final head was directly behind me tucked in the corner as far as possible.

Shooting with the 17mm I had about 40cms between the SS100 and the wall to get me and the light in….a little cramped.

JJP_0777 Coming through the door into the garage you couldn’t help but see a key design feature between each of these cars… Each had louvers and from that angle they all were so evident. (see image above)… This shot never made the final editorial but was something that linked all these cars together other than occupying this tight space.

JJP_0840 The SS100 like all the Hughes’ cars was in immaculate condition. (You can see the window which we used to angle the flash through as there was no room to have the light in the garage beside the E-Type.)


The Willys Jeep for me was just another twist in the collection. Stored in a modified shed (doors widened) this was just another example of how the Hughes will only buy the best example possible.


It was like the Jeep was lifted from active duty and brought into the modern age. All tools / accessories present and accounted for. So much to look at and take in, a place for everything and a purpose for its inclusion.

JJP_0803 Certainly a Ferrari flavour running through this collection and was a real pleasure meeting John Hughes and his family.

I had the pleasure of meeting up with Richard again, all be it as I had left my tripod on location…

Till next time


You can see the final article via my portfolio ‘In Print’ section.