Nurburg Old Timer 2015

Not the best of weather for my second trip to Nurburg in as many months but at least the rain stopped after 20mins…

On a slightly larger scale than Spa Classic but not as big as Silverstone Classic Nurburg had some good points. Track-side you could get close to the action on turn 1 and 2 of the old GP track. The pit lane is really wide with plenty of access, plus it has a loud siren when a car enters the pit-lane to give you heads up before you either get flattened or you get a Marshall shouting at you…


The first corner made for some flames on a couple of cars … I would give you what class of car and race series but as I picked up a German programme I’ve no idea now!!!


Plenty of interesting cars and things to see…


Including an appearance by the famous Kermit in a GT40…



Also took a rare photo of myself…sporting the ear defenders, which have saved my hearing over the last few months from group c and F1 cars. But listening to German radio stations was interesting, mixed in with very random British songs made for a strange soundtrack!


Always enjoy the F1 Master Series and good to see this one gave it a bit of stick round the corner getting the back end out…


Whilst at Le-Man24 there was a Ferrari transporter but this one above was a different one…. really good.


For me the Marlboro, Benetton and John Player Special F1 livery are the ones from my childhood that I can remember and great to see out on track…

You can see a wider selection in my gallery here.

Until next time…


Silverstone Classic 2015

Just one day visit to the 25th Anniversary of the Silverstone Classic. Just there for the Saturday to capture the event for the same client as Nurburg24, Le Mans 24, Spa Classic & Silverstone F1.


This ‘THINK’ got me thinking…. was it there to double check your gear selection or not to turn right! …who knows, but caught my eye…

For me its seeing all the historic and recent modern cars all in one day that for me is a great day and one for every automotive lover.


From the master series and historic racing through to the crazy Group C’s…


And a few F1’s…


I think looking back I picked the best day for weather, as the Friday was a wash out and Sunday a bit mixed but Saturday started off with blue sky and the track was dry…



Always a pleasure to get access as a photographer to see and capture the passion of the weekend from the spectators to the drivers alike, a real pleasure for all…



On a much larger scale than Spa Classic (not as pretty!) its a real joy to get up-close and personal with the cars and crew. In the paddocks, on the parade line-ups you can really get time to wander round, see things that on say a F1 or other motor race meets you couldn’t get as close.


Only posted a few images on this blog but you can see a slightly wider selection in my portfolio.

Really enjoyable day and one I recommend…

Till next time.


Quick visit to Silverstone F1 2015

Another motor event to go along with Spa Classic, Nurburg24, LeMans and soon to be Silverstone Classic for the same client.

Again were not mainly concentrating on documenting the race itself but the event and experience you can have. Capturing a few of the hospitality suites and general atmosphere was the target for the day.

Here’s just a few images to give you a flavor…


Suite at Woodcote with its own standing area overlooking the National Pit Straight and pit lane.


An event to enjoy the whole weekend and take in the sights and sounds of F1, GPseries, Porsche GT3 series etc etc…



There’s also a bit of nice food to enjoy in hospitality as well…


I’m still looking for some radio ear defenders so if you have any recommendations please drop me a line… For the work you do track side I’d like to be able to hear after the job but also listen to the commentary would be helpful.


Plenty of people and groups of friends enjoying the atmosphere… sun and a little tipple now and then…


Of course I got a few shots of the cars where I could get a decent view… Must say though a great win and race by Lewis Hamilton.

This was a flying visit and a return for me to Silverstone Classic in a few weeks… if your there tweet me : )


WEC 2015 – Silverstone

A repeated trip this weekend just gone for the 6 hours of Silverstone and WEC. Only went for the Saturday to soak in the atmosphere, see practice and race laps for F3, ELMS & WEC.

My choice of car has not changed since last year, the Aston Martins still have the best sounding car and even just hearing them whilst walking to the grandstand put a smile on my face…

A decent run down to Silverstone from Yorkshire with my good friend Andy (fellow Makem….) and the weather came good with the arrival of the sun but still as ever the place had a decent strong wind to keep the temperature down.

Unlike last year we wanted to see a bit more track action and so we headed to the start finish line and the grandstand.


The free qualifying session for ELMS and WEC were just coming to an end for the first race of the F3 series. Not the best view for photography but was a good distance to check out a new edition to the kit bag. A new short VRII lens. Only really had a quick play with on Saturday but liking it and look forward to using the VR technology for more automotive work.

The track was drying out on the race line but still was slightly ‘damp’ on the dirty side of the track. Which didn’t stop some straight line overtaking.


If you like motorsport and like to get close to the action then I would recommend getting along to WEC. Obviously you can’t get track side for photography but there’s a few photography locations you can get a good position without fencing being in the way. You can also get access directly above the pit lane which lets you get a great view and close to the action.

With a few different race series taking part on the day the pit lane got a bit busy to say the least…



Along from the gantry overlooking the pit lane you can have a great view of the pit exit. Again great to get close to the action.


After this session we headed back to the pit lane. We met up with what I have called the “F1 family”… All those serious F1 fans (of which I cannot claim to be one!) who follow teams / drivers and the whole lifestyle that F1 brings. Like Mark Webber from the previous season came from F1 to WEC this season Max Chilton races now with Nissan Nismo who was just to happy to sign autographs and have a few photographs with fans.


It has to be said the hats off to Nissan Nismo who had a few guys in their pit garage with a few display cars giving access for fans to engage with them, ask questions and even get inside one of their cars. Things that fans really appreciate.

JJP_8893 JJP_8894 JJP_8888

Andy and Sarah enjoying being up close and personal with Nissan Nismo. Even though these were demo / display cars it gave you first hand experience of what the real thing is like.



Quite liked the ‘printed’ exhaust pipes for the display purposes…

Didn’t get much pit action which I like to capture but still a good day out. If you want to see more images from the day then you can click here.



London Classic Car Show 2015

Mixed thoughts were about from the auto world with the launch of the London Classic Car Show @ Excel. I was there with the Luxury Rallies company to whom I’m the official photographer.

With two rallies planned this year, a trip to Spa and also the Riviera Rally. A 7 day luxury holiday taking in some of the best roads in Europe and hotels to mix both scenery, relaxation and great company.

Back to the show….

The show was from the outset going to be the top sellers and grades of car…and it didn’t fail to deliver. At the center of the exhibition they had ‘The Grand Avenue’ which was the main focus for the live parades.


This was closed off for the parades of cars which ranged from all decades of vehicles through to group B, supercars and F1 examples.


JJP_1419 JJP_1431 JJP_1444 JJP_1449

On show were some real top examples of classic cars …. as you can imagine, from a range of specialists.

JJP_1472 JJP_1673

Well was a good show … met some great people…

If you want to see a larger selection of images then please follow this link.

until next time …