Chimaera – 25th Anniversary

Back in July shot for Classic Cars Magazine, plenty of miles and not a lot of shooting. From West Yorkshire (home), up to Hexham to pick up the two Chimaera’s, head back down to Lancashire, shoot the feature then onto Blackpool. After all that I had to head back to Yorkshire to drop off my good friend who gave us a hand that day then plough on down to Bicester for a Modern Classic shoot the day after. (the blog before this one 🙂

So it was a full on day. Due to the weather and travelling we didn’t start shooting until about 2pm, not the best start but we were in the hands of the weather.

Started out at the Parkers arms (you’ll have to pick up a copy to read about the significance of this place.

The first one above was used small in the final layout… the others to show different angles which are among another 10 images I sent for a possible opening DPS.

Just up the road from the ‘Arms’ we had this stretch of road on a hill which had enough visibility to run a few passes for a front cover which I genuinely thought they’d run with. Again I supplied about 10 variants of this set up for the front cover.

This image above became the final cover shot but not in this state which I supplied.below is the cover overlaid to show the difference.

We have a blue sky 🙂 … those rain clouds were dumping some serious rain about 30mins prior to this shot. I keep th images on the soft side in regards to contrast so theres plenty of room for the mag to adjust accordingly to their wishes.

Also its using half the frame which again I keep saying that the D810’s frame size is the reason I shoot so big… as you can get a landscape from a vertical shot without pushing it to its extreme. So much pixels in there 🙂

The three images above are sequential frames… at times you just keep that shutter going as the road sweeps round, and the road surface was decent but we didn’t have too much clear visibility to keep this formation so tried to get the most out of every run.Like both the first ones where you can see the road in the background but also like this last one with the road going on the horizon. These shot for the opening DPS.

The frame above was a little further in the sequence of frames above and used as the final opening DPS.

Getting the camera over and down beside the doors was a little contouring to say the least, well when your 6’3″ and the seats are really low and the doors seemed to be fairly high…. Still the body sculpturing lines on the doors helped with some interest looking along the side panel.

The images above are a few more selected images from the set which some were used and some were not…

The final static shot at what is left of the factory in Blackpool. Really not much here to go on, loads of street furniture, other vans and cars all around so had only one angle to shoot from. Time was really ticking at this moment so we had to get through the shots and cover all other ‘angles’ of the brief.

A few more detail shots again some which were used and some not. All shot in front of the last remaining red brick building from the factory, trying to avoid the houses, lampposts and the cars in the reflections and background as best as.

Final layout of the cover feature…. very long day, (think it was a 5:30 am start and then I landed at the hotel in Bicester about 10pm) but still pleased with the outcome despite the short window of photographic time we had.

Until next time or until the next shoot gets printed 🙂

Below is a video my good friend produced of what he could shoot when he wasn’t being my driver : )