Prototype Silver Cloud

This was the first shoot with Classic Cars very own Quentin Wilson. It was a pleasure to work with Quentin and to get an insight into this special Rolls which he helped to gather more info on the car and subsequently acquire for its current owner.

The prototype of which only 26 were created of this lengthened Cloud.

With the original brochure we couldn’t let the opportunity pass without capturing a few images.

We started at Ian’s (Cloud owner) business address as it had an interesting period façade but enough greenery and space in the carpark to shoot the details and some interaction images as above. I wouldn’t have normally added this image with my edit as there’s distinct pointing going on….but just because of the genuine laughter and interaction between friends.

For the driver it was comfort but this statement of a car was always taking the comfort of its rear passengers as paramount to its opulence.

For its age the seamless technology of the discreet screen to create a silent cocoon for its VIP riders.

The walnut dash and trim about this rolls was highly polished and with that …..highly reflective. So a little time spent trying to place the small flashguns and strobe’s to minimise some unwanted hotspots.

As well as Quentin driving the car which you can see later on this image to show the rear and the comfort was a main shot for the article. This image above wasn’t the final image that was used but for me just worked with the expression, lighting, seeing the tree in the background to help with the motion… for me just conveyed the kernel of the story of this special Cloud.

As well as capturing some images which would suit the opening DPS, the owner mentioned of another contact in the area with a house that could be of use as a backdrop for the Rolls.

Well if Rowington Hall once owned by Henry VIII isn’t opulent enough then I don’t know what is. So as we arrived we thanked how things had gone and started to shoot the car against the hall. As well as being simplistic, clean, elegant, the door for me just caught my eye being not to far from the Rolls’s roof colour.

Just letting the car sit there and not trying hard at all but just to let the Hall and Cloud help each other out to enhance each others beauty.

I took just a couple of different images as an opening DPS and thought that this was a strong contender for the opening image. No lights, just natural daylight and being overcast just helped to diffuse and help to highlight the lines on the stretched Cloud.

As well as having Quentin in the image I shot a few frames pulled back to gift a little more statement of the house without loosing the Rolls.

Again just to give more options I sent the Rolls around the drive which was a perfect oval in order to grab a few panning shots.

With these four images above it was just letting my mind wander and with the rolls being such a size it wasn’t hard to miss. So with the large windows of the Hall it was a nice opportunity to grab a few images ‘left of field’ and off the brief to keep the mind and options open.

Not the most nimble of cars so the tracking images just needed to show the car grinding through the sweeping roads.

More than adequate the images above for the DPS but the rear would have been in the gutter but the story is all about the length and rear stretched element of the Rolls.

I did warn Quentin that the power of my Zafira diesel was something to behold… again was good to have those moments chatting generally and enjoying seeing the car and its lines.

Simple interior driving image…. I do recall an Audi driving squeezing us tight against parked cars as he was on a mission to get through a built up village. I learnt that day what ‘Audi’ stood for…. thanks Quentin : )

A great day and shoot, no frills, no nonsense, good conversation, great car, engaging owner……. happy days. One to remember.

Capri Cover

Third cover in a row for Classic Cars Magazine marking the 50th anniversary of a British favourite….

As ever the group tracking is mainly for the cover shot, maybe a DPS and also to get a closing rear shot.

A few examples of some of the images sent to the mag for the cover.

Full frame image with final cover selection….

We shot the pairings both on the outer track and also the inner handling road…. aka ‘the snake’ The pairs were in their Mk’s pairs.

Enjoyed this shoot because it challenged you to look beyond the fact it was 6 Capri’s and top try and pick out the details and feel of each Mk.

The image below is the set up (kindly taken by the owner!) of the images above. Just a single flash head firing through the opposite door.

A decent shoot, Capri’ed out for the day…. some images taken that day that I’m happy with : )

Accelerators Group Test

At the time of shooting this group test I didn’t know that this would be the middle of three covers in a row for Classic Cars Magazine.

The group tracking for the opening DPS and cover we got straight on with.

Chosen opening DPS…

These cars have plenty of details around the bodywork so plenty of options to shoot from. Can’t remember if the corvette was selected in the brief for the lead car …. either way the higher ZR logo gave a nice lead into the other cars.

Fairly tight group… gave instructions before setting off each lap and then just got the corvette to manoeuvre around to get various angles to fit into a DPS.

The layout below fo the final spreads…

Northumberland Greenlane

Its been along summer without any posts!!!

I’ve a fair few mag articles that have been published so will try and get some of them up soon and work through them.

These few images are from early on in spring time up in Northumberland. Starting at Berwick then on through to Corbridge (I think!) … we took two days in travelling down the many Greenlanes. They eventually made up two Greenlane entries in two consecutive Land Rover Owner International mags.

The day was warm for spring, the breeze was cool off the North Sea, I miss the sea living equal distance from both the west and east cost in Yorkshire. These Greenland shoots are great to get out, get fresh air, bit of exercise and plenty of good conversation in the Landrovers as we avoid as much civilisation as possible 🙂

I’ve just selected a few images and I’ll comment on each on… if I can think of anything interesting to say about that particular field, hedge or situation….. The gate above was actually one of the last of the final days but gave about 4 inches of space to get through.

There must have been about 8-10 fords over the few days and some that were decent due to the rain that was had in the county previously.

My favourite time…. bait time! Talking about local dialect …. we went to a pub on the evening for some food and on the menu it had “sarnies’ which for me made me smile a little as you don’t hear that where I live now….

This ford above has been visited by the editor on numerous occasions but was always too deep to pass but on this occasion it was okay to do so.

The image above was taken just after the one below. Neil the editor was capturing a few bits of video for other editorial features for the magazine.

As the only passenger in this convoy as well as the photographer you are the official ‘Gate Openorer’ . I took a quick image above to show that Neil was getting better at judging how far you can drive uptown the gate so you could still swing the gate open in front of the defender. This was the closest we got out of all the gates……. and let me tell you theres a few !

The lane above was only short and I remember we already had plenty of other similar lanes in the bag so to say but Neil asked for a couple of images for the image bank….

The causeway to Holy Island in Northumberland is one of the main iconic places in the region….. I used to go there as a kid so was just another reason why I loved being in Northumberland for a few days.

If you’ve not been then I can highly recommend getting up there as the county is large and offers sunny scenery, coastline, Forrests and the people are friendly with great accents 😉

I’ll try and add more shoots sooner rather than later 🙂

A Couple of Rowan Atkinson’s rides…

Before you all think I spent a day driving around in a green mini with Mr Bean unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be. Although that would be a shoot worth waiting for this was to shoot a couple of cars from the private collection from Mr Atkinson for Classic Cars.

The day started of crisp and clear which boded well… However the weather had other ideas. I remember calling the mag office and they said they had clear blue skies where as we had patches of thick fog… nice :/

We set to with the details as the cars had just come out of storage and were given a quick wipe down. As soon as we hit the roads that would last long.

As this was a comparison of some sorts I looked for details that could be paired up on both cars. The Merc below with the bonnet overhang made it easy to get a bit of depth to the shot.


The Lancia above was a visual chocolate feast for the eyes… If a car needed to be sponsored by Cadburys then this is the one.

The hope was the fog to lift and brighten up but once the details were done we headed off to find some roads to shoot the tracking.

Variants of each car leading for an opening DPS…

Full frame image above and then the final image below as the DPS.

Getting these shots were okay but soon as your out there the road spray was coating the camera and lens in a lovely water, misty layer over the lens.

Only a few frames apart these two images and getting a few different angles with different distances between the cars.

With a use of a speed light inside just to bring out some details a couple of shots here to try and get a different angle for a rear shot of the Thema.

By this stage the light was dropping due to it being late winter time and the extra blanket of fog we started to wrap things up.


Lamborghini Countach – Epic Restoration

Its not everyday you turn up to a garage which has 4 Miura’s, 2 Countach and a few other original Lamborghini’s around the shop…. well we are only a few miles from the Lamborghini factory….

In the current issue of Classic Cars Magazine, this was another European quick trip to grab images then back again. The guy who owned the shop was the son of an ex Lamborghini employee of some 30 years. You quickly feel the passion of the people around here that it was almost a family ‘business’, not this shop as it was but working in the factory were generations from the same family.

The level of detail and restoration was incredible.


This was the first shot we took from a mezzanine floor…. didn’t really lack any colours! The lighting was funny in this place, plenty of daylight from the main shutter doors but it had florescent strip lights behind tinged perspex panels then on top of that there were skylights which had the same perspex over…. Plus the vibrant colours of the motors had to try and get the colour temp right in camera as much as possible.



You can see the final DPS and the original image I submitted, full frame without cropping. There was plenty of floor for the text / title. wanted to use the yellow Countach in the foreground to give a bit more depth.

jjp_0682  jjp_0683jjp_0684


My Italian is about 0.001%…. and these guys English about the same… so thankfully we had someone with us to act as an interpreter. Well I just needed to find the shots and shoot !


These three images of them chatting didn’t make the final article but lets you capture and show the process whilst on these jobs.


Not knowing where the facial expression will come as you can’t understand the language was interesting but got enough….

jjp_3332 jjp_3348 jjp_3344

As I said this car was clean and immaculate which was good as I think the article touched upon it that well over £2m was spent on this project.


This was one of the main cars as a lad you had on your wall. Even now it still is beyond its time, the extreme design can still hold itself now and will continue into the future…

jjp_3328  jjp_3318

jjp_3302 jjp_3310

After a few hand gestures, nods and such they got to know what ‘tinkering’ was to capture this shot…. just tinker with the engine etc etc…


I’ve shot a few “whats you favorite, or whats the most invaluable tool you have?”…. normally its like a really old funny sized spanners that is specifically designed for one nut on a re-build etc etc…. not knowing what would come out of the depths of a back room. This giant radiator key!!!!!! once shown I was upto speed…..doh!

A fantastic experience, we saw more places but didn’t make the final article.

I got to ride in this Lamborghini with a special driver at the wheel ; ) …… will blog about that when that one comes out : )



Skyline GT

Its a small world…

This Skyline I saw back in Feb this year at London Excel for the London Classic Car Show. A great looking car and sounded not too shabby as well… It was back to the North East for this ‘Epic Restoration’ for Classic Cars Mag.


As all the other Epic Restoration shoots, (XJ220, Lea Francis Sport) its fairly image light with the main opening DPS image as a static image within the workshop / garage.


A few units beside each other with this body shop unit the only space we could use… One main studio light to light the front of the GT up and a speedlight to light the offside wheel as the wheels were black they needed a help along the way…

JJP_7924 JJP_7908

A really tasteful restoration, plenty of details to capture and the metallic silver finish really looked good.

JJP_7907 JJP_7905


Even the engine bay was just as impressive as the rest of the GT…

JJP_7958 JJP_7959

This car had bags of history and one previous owner from new. The items on the left above were an original 8 track cassette from factory. Two bottles of race fuel additives, a Chinese drivers lucky charm and the original torch that came with the car from factory which was still in working order. All the documents were there and from just the few stories the currecnt owner has managed to gather really make this exceptional Skyline stand out…


A couple of lights to lift the car from the background…


Really good to see this car again and to hear the backstory of its life and how it has been creatively restored into this fine example.

More posts to come soon…


Covers in 2015 …

Well 2015 has been a good n as far as my automotive work goes. Excluding the current cover for Jan 2016 (Morris Mini) I’ve had 8 covers this year for Practical Classics, Landrover Monthly, the launch of Modern Classics and American Car Magazine.

Modern Classics Cover.indd Layout 1 document6539415183367638561.indd 001_LRM_MAY15_COVER.indd Layout 1Layout 1Layout 1 Layout 1

Plenty of American cars going on there… Great to look back on and see what did make the covers. All in all I shot about 17 features this year for various magazines which you can see most of them if you have a look through my blog. There’s still about 8 features which will appear in issues from Jan on-wards.

Thanks for reading my blogs and I hope to post more out next year.

If I don’t post before Christmas have a great Christmas and New Year…



LRM – May Cover

(Little late in posting this one…. but here goes)

Trip down to the Norfolk north coast was in order to shoot the 3 soft top Land Rovers to mark the start of summer…

The sky was blue, the sun was out but…. while waiting for the vehicles to arrive the clouds came in slowly which was not the best to try and show the start of summer.

JJP_1204 set up 850px

To catch what was let of the sun and blue sky we got straight on to shoot the cover. The first bay we got moved on which didn’t help the cause. We eventually got to bay 2 and got a couple of covers shot and a couple of set ups before heading off to get some other shots.


This was the final image for the cover were you can see some sky work was done to help the ‘Summer’ feel. There are some things you can control….the weather is not one of them.


The set up image above shows the couple of lights we used… The long wheel based Land Rover which is on the cover is a very dark black with a hint of purple so the lights just help lift the paintwork and help with the lack of sun…

Although the sun kept coming in and out cracked on and got the covers shot.


Out of all three, the one that had me was ‘Tembo’. The most utilitarian of the three. An ex army model from Canada. The own had converted and made this Land Rover into …. well it was great. So much so I even got a mention in the copy…

“Our photographer Jonathan Jacob quickly fell in love with Tembo and when we moved from the beach to one of the nearby greenlanes he managed to sneak a ride in Tembo.”

Even if that ride was only 10 mins it was great. The temperature was dropping and got a bit brass but the cock-pit in Tembo was really warm and for me a great way to travel down that there greenlane. : )


Has to be said this was my first shoot with 3 cars… To get the angle of the story, what if any will be the main vehicle, the lead story. The owners were all accommodating and willing for us to try a few things out.


With the first two Land Rovers shot we had the last one… a short wheel, tuned up by ‘Tune My Defender’.


Again lit from both sides at the front to lift the dark body work and to help the failing sun.


Was a pleasure to work with LRM on this shoot and look forward to the next opportunity.


As ever till next time.


You can see the final layouts in my portfolio here.

Spa Classic 2015

Like Nurburg 24hr last weekend Spa Classic was again for the same client. Distinguished.Company deal with ‘Travel – Rail – Motor – Sail – Events’ …. I’ve been asked to capture various motoring events around Europe in order to have a portfolio of images with a certain style and feel that will help build their brand.

This was my first time at Spa Classic… (2nd visit in as many weeks to Spa!… the Ardennes Rally will be blogged about later). Anyway this was a fantastic event and didn’t fail to deliver on atmosphere, variety of cars, noise and a lot more besides…

Unlike other motor sports like F1 where you are very restricted in access to the cars and drivers… this weekend is the opposite. For a £20 ticket (each day) you can sit in any of the grandstands, walk up to and at times in one of 3 set up paddocks. Get your head under the hood, in the cockpit and even talk to the drivers and mechanics. Really impressed with the openness of this event. No-one taking the liberty or pushing the boundaries…motor sports fans and car lovers alike being immersed in the sights, smells and sounds of their passion. If you do step over the line then as ever the marshal’s and security will blast your ear with whistles and get you back into line.

Being accredited media you get to certain sections of the circuit which was fun to say the least and I gained a bit more track knowledge which is always a bonus.


(Group C – Man these are loud!)

The shots of the group-c  cars were mainly taking along the fencing between the pit entrance and track. plenty of photographers windows in the fencing. The image below shows the fencing and path where you can get photographers access.


The array of cars was great. Whatever your tipple was there would have been something there to catch your eye.


(Trofeo Nastr0 Rosso – racing series. Taking the corners around Fagnes)

If you have read any of my blogs before either on this site or my other commercial / editorial site ( you will know that I like to get to the story, to get behind, in or about the areas that aren’t usually open to general viewing. For me getting those few moments when the group-c cars came in for their obligatory pit-stop was great to see. Not your 2-3 sec tyre change but maybe a driver, top up the fuel….take the engine cover of a have a little tinker… all in all some good things to capture.


Re-connecting the electrics before the back end of the car is re-installed.


(little drink of 4star….)


If you are thinking of taking in a race weekend then I’d really consider looking at Spa Classic… for me I can’t wait till I get the chance to return.

There’s plenty more images to see in my portfolio Spa Classic 2015.

If you do go beware of the ‘Monkey Bikes’ … mini bikes that are used to get around the main paddock area and are driven by riders of age between 7-70’s… you have been warned…


Till next time….

The next motor sport even for this client will be Le-Mans in 3 weeks time…. more to follow…