Luxury Off-Roading

Clear blue skies, the promise of a warm day, 8 Benteyga’s and 2 Mulsanne’s parked outside the Grosvenor Hotel Chester, this was lining up to be a good day.

Up to 30 VIP guests were in for a Benteyga experience. I’d experience the Benteyga on a previous visit so I was pleased to be placed in a Mulsanne… I’ve had worse ‘taxi’s’ which got me about on a job. The first port of call was at a local disused quarry near Chester for the guests to put the Benteyga through its paces and see that this is indeed just as comfortable and at home in a rough environment as well as on the open road.


By this time the sun was glaring down and the temperature was raising… Along with the guidance of the Bentley drivers the guests took the opportunity to drive through various surfaces and gain first hand experience of the capability of this luxury 4×4!


With plenty of soft sand, water, rocks, inclines and descents there was enough variety within this quarry to see how the 8 Benteyga’s handled. They all came down in single file into the heart of the quarry then it was like a scene  from ‘wackey races’ or a scene from Italian Job as they starburst out and all went off in search for a quick adventure.


It was my task to capture the sights that displayed themselves before me, trying to anticipate where they would emerge from the water, trees or over rocks in order to get some varying images.


What I saw from the guests faces there were plenty of smiles and it seemed that this was just a big playground with some big toys…


I can’t show more images from the day due to confidentiality but the guests then went on a road trip to see how the £160k+ Benteyga handled on the road with its capacity of 0-60mph in 4 seconds before heading back to the HQ showroom…not bad for a 4×4.

A few more jobs with Bentley coming up but may be posted on my other editorial site

Until next time…


Quick visit to Silverstone F1 2015

Another motor event to go along with Spa Classic, Nurburg24, LeMans and soon to be Silverstone Classic for the same client.

Again were not mainly concentrating on documenting the race itself but the event and experience you can have. Capturing a few of the hospitality suites and general atmosphere was the target for the day.

Here’s just a few images to give you a flavor…


Suite at Woodcote with its own standing area overlooking the National Pit Straight and pit lane.


An event to enjoy the whole weekend and take in the sights and sounds of F1, GPseries, Porsche GT3 series etc etc…



There’s also a bit of nice food to enjoy in hospitality as well…


I’m still looking for some radio ear defenders so if you have any recommendations please drop me a line… For the work you do track side I’d like to be able to hear after the job but also listen to the commentary would be helpful.


Plenty of people and groups of friends enjoying the atmosphere… sun and a little tipple now and then…


Of course I got a few shots of the cars where I could get a decent view… Must say though a great win and race by Lewis Hamilton.

This was a flying visit and a return for me to Silverstone Classic in a few weeks… if your there tweet me : )


WEC 2015 – Silverstone

A repeated trip this weekend just gone for the 6 hours of Silverstone and WEC. Only went for the Saturday to soak in the atmosphere, see practice and race laps for F3, ELMS & WEC.

My choice of car has not changed since last year, the Aston Martins still have the best sounding car and even just hearing them whilst walking to the grandstand put a smile on my face…

A decent run down to Silverstone from Yorkshire with my good friend Andy (fellow Makem….) and the weather came good with the arrival of the sun but still as ever the place had a decent strong wind to keep the temperature down.

Unlike last year we wanted to see a bit more track action and so we headed to the start finish line and the grandstand.


The free qualifying session for ELMS and WEC were just coming to an end for the first race of the F3 series. Not the best view for photography but was a good distance to check out a new edition to the kit bag. A new short VRII lens. Only really had a quick play with on Saturday but liking it and look forward to using the VR technology for more automotive work.

The track was drying out on the race line but still was slightly ‘damp’ on the dirty side of the track. Which didn’t stop some straight line overtaking.


If you like motorsport and like to get close to the action then I would recommend getting along to WEC. Obviously you can’t get track side for photography but there’s a few photography locations you can get a good position without fencing being in the way. You can also get access directly above the pit lane which lets you get a great view and close to the action.

With a few different race series taking part on the day the pit lane got a bit busy to say the least…



Along from the gantry overlooking the pit lane you can have a great view of the pit exit. Again great to get close to the action.


After this session we headed back to the pit lane. We met up with what I have called the “F1 family”… All those serious F1 fans (of which I cannot claim to be one!) who follow teams / drivers and the whole lifestyle that F1 brings. Like Mark Webber from the previous season came from F1 to WEC this season Max Chilton races now with Nissan Nismo who was just to happy to sign autographs and have a few photographs with fans.


It has to be said the hats off to Nissan Nismo who had a few guys in their pit garage with a few display cars giving access for fans to engage with them, ask questions and even get inside one of their cars. Things that fans really appreciate.

JJP_8893 JJP_8894 JJP_8888

Andy and Sarah enjoying being up close and personal with Nissan Nismo. Even though these were demo / display cars it gave you first hand experience of what the real thing is like.



Quite liked the ‘printed’ exhaust pipes for the display purposes…

Didn’t get much pit action which I like to capture but still a good day out. If you want to see more images from the day then you can click here.



London Classic Car Show 2015

Mixed thoughts were about from the auto world with the launch of the London Classic Car Show @ Excel. I was there with the Luxury Rallies company to whom I’m the official photographer.

With two rallies planned this year, a trip to Spa and also the Riviera Rally. A 7 day luxury holiday taking in some of the best roads in Europe and hotels to mix both scenery, relaxation and great company.

Back to the show….

The show was from the outset going to be the top sellers and grades of car…and it didn’t fail to deliver. At the center of the exhibition they had ‘The Grand Avenue’ which was the main focus for the live parades.


This was closed off for the parades of cars which ranged from all decades of vehicles through to group B, supercars and F1 examples.


JJP_1419 JJP_1431 JJP_1444 JJP_1449

On show were some real top examples of classic cars …. as you can imagine, from a range of specialists.

JJP_1472 JJP_1673

Well was a good show … met some great people…

If you want to see a larger selection of images then please follow this link.

until next time …

Jensen FF Unveil @ the NEC Classic Motor show…

Saturday just gone saw me at the Classic Motor show at the NEC. A car enthusiast I met on the Venetian Rally 2014 has commissioned a Jensen FF rebuilt / restoration which was unveiled at the show on Saturday. He asked me to document the occasion and the people involved.

Bavarez are the people who are responsible the restoration of this FF. A strap line for them and indeed this restoration is ‘Upsetting Owners Clubs One at a Time’… This is a one off build and attracted a crowd even with a black cloth over it…

There were a few people involved and took a shine to the car. Drummer and auto journalist @fuzztownshend, supermodel @HarriadnieBeau, the guys from Bavarez other representatives from the Jesnsen club. The previous owner of the car who had know idea where his car had gone to once he sold it and then noticed the reg plate at the show and had to double take a few times. This was great as the previous and current owner met for the first time and was great to document that.


(L-R Steve (Bavarez), Fuzz, Harriadnie, Gregg (Bavarez) with the unveiled FF.

Below the current and previous owner get down to business and discuss the cars past life and whats in store for it now…


Harriadnie has joined Bavarez on other occasions for photo shoots and needless to say there were a few cameras on the stand clicking away…!


We’ve got a few more shoots lined up with the FF so stay tuned…



A few familliar faces @ the NEC Classic Motor Show

Whilst being at the NEC on Saturday for the Jensen FF unveil I had the chance of wandering around to take in the sites and sounds… There were one or two familiar faces out there…



Mike Brewer & Ed China from Wheeler Dealers… and yes I thought I was a good height at 6’3″… Ed C must be about 6’6″!


and the one and only Sterling Moss…


Well I’ll be sure to post more images now and then from my various travels…


WEC @ Silverstone

Silverstone held the WEC over the weekend just gone. I’ve got to admit I’m not that clued up on all the different classes that compete in the World Endurance Champoinship but I like the atmosphere and ‘goings on’ behind the scenes. The weather was on the chilly side but dry…which was a good start. We had a walked past ‘The Loop’ and took a few of the cars that were already out on the track before heading to the main area just behind the International Pit Straight.


For me all the engines sounded similar until the Aston Martins came around. There a re a few teams running them which for me was good as there was plenty of opportunities to hear that sound…. Vantage works V8 GTE… just sounded savage… (you can check out the Aston Martin 2014 season preview vid here to give you an idea)


We wandered around to the International Pit Straight to have a look what we could see. There seemed to be a lot of tyre washing and prep… so a fare few tyres got shot…


I was with a few friends who are serious F1 fans… So throughout the day they were talking to a few drivers who they knew / recognized. One such driver was Sam bird @SamBirdRacing (Mercedes F1 3rd driver last season)… You can see with the help of Sam’s sunglasses (below) I took a ‘selfie’ of us all. I think it was Andy’s jacket that got most of the attention due to it being a Mercedes team jacket and not a general jacket that you would find for sale…


Access to the pits was limited on the day we went, with only the National Pit Straight open for a brief 15mins in the afternoon. With no real connections with any team or driver I just wandered in the short space of time to see what I could capture.



We got access to the Art GT (Mclaren) team paddock and was good to see things behind the door… Seeing Ricardo Gonzalez (@ricardo_racing) amongst a few others preparing for the next outing.



All in all a good day out and great value.

You can see more images in my gallery here.


Autosport International – A few bits…

Sat 11th Jan found myself traveling early doors with a good friend down to the NEC. Not knowing what to expect as this was the first time at Autosport Int. Show.

After taking in the live event and having a laugh at the smart cars we headed off to what seemed like hall after hall of automotive life.

The best hospitality area IMO went to Caterham with its typically English feel 🙂 caterham loungeAlso on their stand is the best looking concept car I’ve seen for a while. The Aero Seven certainly grabs the attention but as ever I was looking at the details hence no image of the car its self. (If you want to see the car then follow this link


JJP_6043The other car that I wanted to see was the Bentley GT3 which I kept an eye on whilst it was in Abu Dhabi at the end of last year. It looked big in images but in ‘the flesh’ that is some car.



The last image I want to show you was PopBangColour a guy that looked like he was on the set of ‘Why Don’t You’… Great concept, great artist… great to see.


Well as well as meeting a few other contacts it was a good day. Plus on the way back home we listened to SAFC…..they won 😉