Prototype Silver Cloud

This was the first shoot with Classic Cars very own Quentin Wilson. It was a pleasure to work with Quentin and to get an insight into this special Rolls which he helped to gather more info on the car and subsequently acquire for its current owner.

The prototype of which only 26 were created of this lengthened Cloud.

With the original brochure we couldn’t let the opportunity pass without capturing a few images.

We started at Ian’s (Cloud owner) business address as it had an interesting period fa├žade but enough greenery and space in the carpark to shoot the details and some interaction images as above. I wouldn’t have normally added this image with my edit as there’s distinct pointing going on….but just because of the genuine laughter and interaction between friends.

For the driver it was comfort but this statement of a car was always taking the comfort of its rear passengers as paramount to its opulence.

For its age the seamless technology of the discreet screen to create a silent cocoon for its VIP riders.

The walnut dash and trim about this rolls was highly polished and with that …..highly reflective. So a little time spent trying to place the small flashguns and strobe’s to minimise some unwanted hotspots.

As well as Quentin driving the car which you can see later on this image to show the rear and the comfort was a main shot for the article. This image above wasn’t the final image that was used but for me just worked with the expression, lighting, seeing the tree in the background to help with the motion… for me just conveyed the kernel of the story of this special Cloud.

As well as capturing some images which would suit the opening DPS, the owner mentioned of another contact in the area with a house that could be of use as a backdrop for the Rolls.

Well if Rowington Hall once owned by Henry VIII isn’t opulent enough then I don’t know what is. So as we arrived we thanked how things had gone and started to shoot the car against the hall. As well as being simplistic, clean, elegant, the door for me just caught my eye being not to far from the Rolls’s roof colour.

Just letting the car sit there and not trying hard at all but just to let the Hall and Cloud help each other out to enhance each others beauty.

I took just a couple of different images as an opening DPS and thought that this was a strong contender for the opening image. No lights, just natural daylight and being overcast just helped to diffuse and help to highlight the lines on the stretched Cloud.

As well as having Quentin in the image I shot a few frames pulled back to gift a little more statement of the house without loosing the Rolls.

Again just to give more options I sent the Rolls around the drive which was a perfect oval in order to grab a few panning shots.

With these four images above it was just letting my mind wander and with the rolls being such a size it wasn’t hard to miss. So with the large windows of the Hall it was a nice opportunity to grab a few images ‘left of field’ and off the brief to keep the mind and options open.

Not the most nimble of cars so the tracking images just needed to show the car grinding through the sweeping roads.

More than adequate the images above for the DPS but the rear would have been in the gutter but the story is all about the length and rear stretched element of the Rolls.

I did warn Quentin that the power of my Zafira diesel was something to behold… again was good to have those moments chatting generally and enjoying seeing the car and its lines.

Simple interior driving image…. I do recall an Audi driving squeezing us tight against parked cars as he was on a mission to get through a built up village. I learnt that day what ‘Audi’ stood for…. thanks Quentin : )

A great day and shoot, no frills, no nonsense, good conversation, great car, engaging owner……. happy days. One to remember.

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