Mantra Power

A cold wet damp morning near Merseyside…

Funnily enough both myself and Ross (Journalist) shot this Manta a few months previous in a three car shoot for another magazine….

Today it was the turn for Practical Classics to cover this home restoration project.

The final opening shot below and another ‘pose’ sent to the mag… Used x4 lights to light the Manta and the owner was light be the ambient daylight. One light behind the car in the far corner bouncing off the ceiling, another rear nearside to light the back corner of the side you can see. then one just tucked behind the door to the right of camera to light up the front wing and the BBS wheels. As they are turned away from the back light they needed a little light to get them to pop. Final light would be the speed light in the Manta lighting the interior.


The image above looks a little dull which I think is how this site handles the images but I do keep the images neutral a little so the mag has room to play with.

These ‘Epic Resto’ shoots are fairly set in the brief but theres always room for anything else. These few images of the engine is just a mock up of the owner tinkering. The one above I shot to include the Opel flag, which is another angle people like is to see whats in other peoples sheds / garages…. : )

What other parts / interest you have in automotive is another angle to get into the story as these are just as much about the owner / restorer than just the car.

Front and rear tracking of the car to cover another DPS opener option or general images to drop into a single page.

Good job I remembered me waterproof trousers…..just a little wet around the ankles and legs : )

Shooting the car previously I knew what details and other areas I had to work with…. again didn’t need that many as the article is only about 5 pages in length.

Little light to help the interior as it was a dull day. It was a comfy ride and a nice car to be around : )

Great to be on a shoot with an owner who is as laid back as Neil, with a real passion for cars and enjoys the day, despite the weather .


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