Northumberland Greenlane

Its been along summer without any posts!!!

I’ve a fair few mag articles that have been published so will try and get some of them up soon and work through them.

These few images are from early on in spring time up in Northumberland. Starting at Berwick then on through to Corbridge (I think!) … we took two days in travelling down the many Greenlanes. They eventually made up two Greenlane entries in two consecutive Land Rover Owner International mags.

The day was warm for spring, the breeze was cool off the North Sea, I miss the sea living equal distance from both the west and east cost in Yorkshire. These Greenland shoots are great to get out, get fresh air, bit of exercise and plenty of good conversation in the Landrovers as we avoid as much civilisation as possible 🙂

I’ve just selected a few images and I’ll comment on each on… if I can think of anything interesting to say about that particular field, hedge or situation….. The gate above was actually one of the last of the final days but gave about 4 inches of space to get through.

There must have been about 8-10 fords over the few days and some that were decent due to the rain that was had in the county previously.

My favourite time…. bait time! Talking about local dialect …. we went to a pub on the evening for some food and on the menu it had “sarnies’ which for me made me smile a little as you don’t hear that where I live now….

This ford above has been visited by the editor on numerous occasions but was always too deep to pass but on this occasion it was okay to do so.

The image above was taken just after the one below. Neil the editor was capturing a few bits of video for other editorial features for the magazine.

As the only passenger in this convoy as well as the photographer you are the official ‘Gate Openorer’ . I took a quick image above to show that Neil was getting better at judging how far you can drive uptown the gate so you could still swing the gate open in front of the defender. This was the closest we got out of all the gates……. and let me tell you theres a few !

The lane above was only short and I remember we already had plenty of other similar lanes in the bag so to say but Neil asked for a couple of images for the image bank….

The causeway to Holy Island in Northumberland is one of the main iconic places in the region….. I used to go there as a kid so was just another reason why I loved being in Northumberland for a few days.

If you’ve not been then I can highly recommend getting up there as the county is large and offers sunny scenery, coastline, Forrests and the people are friendly with great accents 😉

I’ll try and add more shoots sooner rather than later 🙂

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