Spitfire Mk2

Well nearly a year has past since shooting this restoration project for Practical Classics. As far as I remember the weather was touch and go and rain either side of this day… Again local (as in less than 20miles from my home) so happy days all round for this one. The rest opener images could be the garage shot or a tracking shot.

We started as ever with the garage shot due to lights being set up and the most time consuming set up of the images.

Four lights used to get the images below lit. Because of the post in the middle of the garage it really limited getting the car in such a way to help with the DPS and where the centre crease of the mag would go.

You can just see the bottom of a stand far right of the frame which was the main light to light to two owners, the light on a small stand beside the door was used to light the front near-side wheel. The light clamped on the back wall was to lift the light on the side of the car nearest to the camera.

This image wasn’t used as the opening images but elsewhere. if it was the centre crease of the mag would have been between the wheel and the headlight.

While the car was on the drive and the sun was steady away we shot some details to get some in the bag. Really good job and level of restoration of work… and them wheels! even on a dark damp day they would be still gleaming.

Bit of a snap shot of the roof being removed here and ended up as a cover cut out for the article.

The opening DPS above and the original image below.

More of the tracking shots below, different angles / heights.

I like these two (above and below) images, to show the owners and also one less so…

A wide range from black to whites as the car was nearly black and the sky / clouds white so had to let the clouds go a little to help bring the detail out of the car.

Coming to the end of the shoot and the clouds becoming more frequent…

Them wheels man! …bling bling

Simple statics and details whilst the sun is still out.

Again only one real ‘detail’ shot used in the final print but you can never be shy on getting details.

Nigel the journalist always makes me laugh when we both try and get into a small car to get a driving shot of him. I’ve mentioned a few times I’m 6’3″ and Nigel is a good 6’4″… knees wedged…. this just adds to the list of our restoration shoots.

Great job local to me and the roads used weren’t that far from the owners as well so all in all a decent day 🙂


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