Frazer Nash Restoration

Another shoot for Classic & Sports Car, a little nearer to home and another restoration. Your off to photograph a ‘Frazer Nash’…. My first reaction once off the phone was to Google ‘Frazer Nash’, as I’d never heard of one….

A great restoration and pleasure to photograph a real classic vehicle. After shooting the Riley as neither restoration article the format was in the same vain. We started off grabbing some statics and owner shots and found a small sailing club willing to allow us access to its location on the edge of a reservoir.

The slip ramp down to the waters edge was an ideal place to have the Nash… pity about the pylons but you can’t have everything. A couple of Photox Indra heads either side of the camera to help lift the car when the sun was in or to help lift the shadows when the sun came out as the sun was behind the car on this angle.

A vertical of the same shot as the first one above. Verticals, landscapes of the same shot to give as much possibilities as possible for the final layout.

These three images of the owner beside the car ….. the one above was just a variation of the once below with arms folded which made the final cut.

Above, this was used small on the index page.

In essence the same shot but just tighter on one than the other. The sun kept coming in and out at this stage so was juggling the flash power a little but the cloud was moving a a decent rate in order to wait for a softer light didn’t take long.

Same as the two shots at the beginning of this blog. These two above were taken one after the other, high and low again to give a different option.


Plenty of little details to capture so here a re a few of them the tI supplied to the mag. Tight details like the Bosch lenses were good but also coming slightly wider to get one or two details in a shot help with adding more content to an image and article instead of loads of really tight details.

The tracking shots were in effect for an opening DPS or if a static was used then a stand alone image in the article. In anyway you’d be only seeing 1-3 max images from the tracking images / moving images. Framing all the images below for an opening DPS but also a wider composition to add some space to the image.

The couple of images below were a chance to get a good view of the exhaust pipes coming from the nearside… sent the Nash ups and down this short stretch of road. Like I said I only really wanted shots of the nearside but captured the car travelling the opposite way to test see how slow I could drag the shutter…

The image above was used on a vertical full blended page….. sky obviously added from the ‘sky folder’ : )


The final layout….. simple shoot but really good being local and an unusual car.

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