A Couple of Rowan Atkinson’s rides…

Before you all think I spent a day driving around in a green mini with Mr Bean unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be. Although that would be a shoot worth waiting for this was to shoot a couple of cars from the private collection from Mr Atkinson for Classic Cars.

The day started of crisp and clear which boded well… However the weather had other ideas. I remember calling the mag office and they said they had clear blue skies where as we had patches of thick fog… nice :/

We set to with the details as the cars had just come out of storage and were given a quick wipe down. As soon as we hit the roads that would last long.

As this was a comparison of some sorts I looked for details that could be paired up on both cars. The Merc below with the bonnet overhang made it easy to get a bit of depth to the shot.


The Lancia above was a visual chocolate feast for the eyes… If a car needed to be sponsored by Cadburys then this is the one.

The hope was the fog to lift and brighten up but once the details were done we headed off to find some roads to shoot the tracking.

Variants of each car leading for an opening DPS…

Full frame image above and then the final image below as the DPS.

Getting these shots were okay but soon as your out there the road spray was coating the camera and lens in a lovely water, misty layer over the lens.

Only a few frames apart these two images and getting a few different angles with different distances between the cars.

With a use of a speed light inside just to bring out some details a couple of shots here to try and get a different angle for a rear shot of the Thema.

By this stage the light was dropping due to it being late winter time and the extra blanket of fog we started to wrap things up.


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