Monte Carlo Rally Heros

Its been a while since shooting for Classic Car Weekly and with this next shoot when I was told I’d be shooting a 911 and a mini my mind was a little confused as to how these images would look. I didn’t know the context of the shoot and the story until I arrived at the mini specialist.

Simple like for like comparisons with the Cooper and 911. Keeping the same angles and view point of each section… or whatever I took.

As ever a couple of Phottix Indra heads used on these early shots at the garage…

As ever theres plenty of images that didn’t make the final cut.

Great road long enough to grab the car to car images we needed.

There was a dry ski slope along this stretch of road which was a great little stop to get warmed up and have coffee and cake 🙂

The image above and below were on the same stretch of road and just liked the bleak-ness of the road, the weather conditions and despite the original confused idea of shooting a 911 and a mini…I do like some if these images.

Both the owner compete in historic rallies so were very competent in getting the car into the positions as I directed from the back of the astra. Makes life a little easier for me to have a confident driver…


Really looking at shooting more stuff behind the camera and looking at the story of the days shoot than just the images.

If theres anything you want to know in the future or any points you’d be interested in knowing / seeing then just drop me a line.

A short video of the inside the 911 as we made our way on part of the route to shoot some panning…

The final few pages …


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