Mk2 Jag

Another dream drive in North Yorkshire for Classic Cars Magazine and another Jag, but this time a MK2.

The new layout for this article is to have the DPS of the reader behind the wheel but as the weather was a wintery damp affair we decided to shoot the exteriors Strat away so we didn’t have to clean the car too many times.

Its the experience of the owner as they get to drive a car that they wouldn’t by any other methods. It seemed all the roads around this location were straight and so couldn’t be that extravegant with the angles.

A couple of runs on a selected road we grabbed enough to have a selection for the article…

Eventually we did find a decent corner which was on a blind bend so shoot a tracking shot was too risky so we did a couple of passes for some panning shots.

The shot above on the corner was the second corner we shot at as the first one wasn’t that good. The image above was a quick one off the cuff as I was just at the back of my car getting some kit together and I had sent the reader off with the car so after he turned around to come back I snapped this one quickly and pleased it made the final article 🙂

A lot of the roads we were looking at via the maps / google earth were single tracks so took a few of these images as a possible page filler…

After the tracking and panning we took advantage of this elevated location through some trees to grab another opportunity / angle.

After these images we moved onto the opening shot which was the interior image of the reader at the wheel.

The image above was taken with the elevated treeline in the background and so the light coming into the jag was a flat light…

The final chosen image below was us travelling the opposite way so the light was direct into the lens but with direct sunlight.

The final crop and print below (original image above / full frame)


Not many details needed for these … The taillight with Jaguar in the lens had a bit of bounced light from a reflector ho help lift it a little.

With bright chrome work you need to just move little to try and make your own reflection as little as possible so if you want / need to remove post your job is made all that more easier.

Getting the journo and reader just chatting around the car which at times you need them to talk about toothpaste, sock preferences etc (well not those subjects) but anything to get a decent expression 🙂


I do like the opening shot of ‘The List’ articles now … not many angles you go to straight away so always trying to see that ‘different’ shot…. one day!

A few more articles to quickly blog bought as theres 4 articles in this issue.


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