60 Years – DB4

End of November on the tops just South West of Huddersfield…a tad brass! At the home of the late David Brown, former owner of Aston Martin and the shoot to commemorate 60 years of the DB4 for Classic Cars.

At the airstrip/field that was owned by David Brown where he flew his De Havilland Dove and after a days business / pleasure then back in the hanger. One key feature at the hanger which is still there are the tyre tracks so that the Dove aircraft could be lined up perfectly for the hanger. You can just see the three lighter tracks on the image below with the nose wheel track running directly centre of frame.

This DB4 on the day was used all year round by the owner and as we found out only got a clean once a year. So the first 30mins were spent giving it the best quick wash/wax we could with the products and cloths I had. I wish I took a quick image on my phone of before but was concerned as we had a decent schedule to shoot to with light fading fast around 3:30-4pm.

The same shot above and below but with the hanger doors opened (below; also you can see the aircraft alignment tracks clearer on these shots.

Just added these two images as they are both shot with polarisers but with the above shot you could say it was ‘dialled’ in more to cut the reflections from the roof and tops of the side panels as the background was light this helps just highlight the car. The image below was the opposite with it dialled out so the light reflections on the roof and side panels revealed to help the car stand out from the background.

Both images have a couple of studio lights just off to the left and right almost parallel to the car just to give it a little lift and help the brightwork come out more.

With the car being dark and the background, neutral and flat there wasn’t anything really to help the car stand out.A few lights and the sun just coming out now and then just to add to the mix we moved on to getting the car out and about.

I can’t recall if we went straight to the old tractor factory in Meltham straight away or did the driving images first? Anyway the story was we trace a little of the past of David Brown and his empire. Nothing left really at the factory other than a few signs and this was the best angle to get a clean shot as there was a. whole row of parked cars on the road behind the BD4 above.

Quick swing of the car around then a rear shot of the same above then we headed off on to some of the roads that David Brown would have taken to test and develop these iconic cars.

Before that a few detail shots of the car were taken at the airfield.

Near Slaithwaite but as in the article Sam Dawson correctly adds that this is pronounced (Sla’wit)…. the light was brightening up a little and so there was a little texture on the clouds.

The images above just getting a few different angles for DPS as well as straight on tracking.

With the area being as much a part of the story tried to get one or two location / driving images as well.

With the light fading we headed off to our final destination which was the family home which is now a hotel / venue establishment.

Shooting a DB4 which would have graced this place on a fair few occasions to finish off this story before the final appointment which was to interview David Browns grandson.

Sitting in his former lounge and the place were he grew up the light was dark and every light seemed to have a different colour temperature… So with that in mind I added a little light to help give some shape to Adam Brown but with it dialled right down so its wasn’t too distracting for the interview. Waiting for a momentary hand-gesture or factual expression so I wasn’t taking hundreds of frames when I only needed a good selected handful.

An interesting day, great to see how close I live to the automotive history that is the DB era.

…still pleased I had plenty of layers on thought!

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