Plymouth Estates

I shot this a while back which was looking like it wouldn’t see print but Street Machine took up the images and ran with them.

A couple of Plymouth Estates, one a daily runner and the other a tuned street racer.

These three images above are all taken within a few mins of each other. The lights and car have remained in the same position and so just moving around slightly and changing the focal length to try and get variants for the mag to give them options for layouts.

Same as the landscape ones but repeat the same angles for some verticals. Some mags have a fairly rigid layout for each article and others will just allocate a number of pages. So they could potentially open on a vertical or a landscape, so with dead space above, below, to the side etc for copy and an opening title are what they are looking for with some decent options to choose from.

Same setup but with both Plymouths, these three images above taken in quick succession of each other…

Two lights above for a quick side profile…

On the road into that location above was this waste ground and so we took details and more statics as we had more room to move around the cars here.

Plenty to see in this engine and to focus upon, by this time the sun had come out, so I think I used one flash head to fill in the shadows.

I processed these images with a little more contrast and tonality to give a slight different feel…

The daily drive was good to shoot as it had some great patina which lent itself nicely in contrast with the ‘cleaner’ of the two (below) : )

The interior diving shot wasn’t hard to shoot as these plymouths are massive inside and with the bench seat it feels bigger.

Pleased this got to print…

until next time, Jona


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