Nova Sport… resto

Back to my homeland of the North East for this one for Practical Classics.

Slightly different format to an epic restoration, this Resto Heroes was for a Nova Sport. One of my oldest friends mum used to have a Nova ‘Ski’ back in the 80s and we got a life to school from time to time in it and this took me back to those days…

The opening image for the Resto Hero is a vertical shot…. and its a good job I took this rough ‘setup shot’ in order to get a full vertical out of it as I didn’t shoot a clean one. So I had to photoshop the flashgun on the floor infant of them out… the final opener is below…

Again I like the option that the Nikon D810 gives when you can crop a vertical frame out of a landscape without having to upscale the final crop.

I shot a few more frames in the workshop with a similar setup… With the Vauxhall posters in the back and not wanting to get any other vehicles in the shot this angle was the best and so to save time (as we had over 2 hours to drive to the next shoot in the afternoon) we ran with this setup.

Using the two main studio heads, to light the two guys and a couple of speedlights to light the underside of the Nova we shot one or two slight variants….. : )

Once the workshop image done we headed out to get some tracking images and statics. As the shoot was based in Newcastle we headed on down to a location near the Tyne with the Millennium and Tyne bridge as a backdrop.

The lamp posts weren’t the best but the sky lent itself to some photoshopping if it came to that. The low angle above was to get the red distinct tail pipe in and also to hide the lamp post behind.

A rare image of me at work ….. and yes if I can help it I’ll lie down on the job.

I could have put the bonnet on its arm rest but if I have a willing volunteer they can hold it so I don’t have to worry about having the rod cutting through the engine shot.

Below I was shooting some closer details so the bonnet can go on the stand. I’m using the small speed lights just to save time and with no direct sunlight to contend with the speed light dose a decent enough job. The underside of the bonnet being white is a nice reflector : )

The engine shot below with the simple speedlight giving a little lift.

Immaculate was an understatement for the interior… using as many original and refurb parts this took me back to the late 80s and getting a lift to school…

A few simple pans and then using a quiet access road beside the river we took some tracking shots…

A few portraits and details and it was done and dusted so off to another car and story…



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