440BHP Defender….. just a Cover shot

A very simple shoot this one for LRO.

A shoot had already been shot and in the bag by another photographer and a good article it was : )

My assumption was that it wasn’t ear-marked by the mag as a potential cover shoot so a suitable image wasn’t captured on the day but since the shoot the mag wanted to run it as the cover vehicle.

Shot originally way down south as the vehicle was there for the shoot but as it is based in Scotland and I’m a northern based photographer it was a trip up there for me.

With just one image needed I captured a wider range of front tracking shots to give a decent range to choose from.

These are just a few that we shot for the possible cover. After getting a good selection I had enough time just to do one rig shot as the wind was picking up a lot.

Below is the original shot.

Taken on a gravel car park this angle was the best in order to have as least cars in the background as possible. Below is the same image after a little retouching …

And it was this one rig shot that made the final cover…

As well as the main shot the Launch Disco1 at the bottom right was another one of my shoots…. I may get round to blogging this one.

Anyway that was that shoot and the defender was a  bit mental!


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