288 GTO

The day was crisp and still in the stunning Scottish boarders… With a 288 GTO looking good against moorland backdrop the day was set up to be a good one 🙂

The first call was a single track snaking up above a remote reservoir to get some statics for a possible opener. It turned out none of these images we shot up there made the final article so here are a few more images from the early stages of the day.

Trying a few different angles and compositions to see what fit best on a DPS. With the light been so flat it helped to balance out the light sky and the midnight black colour of the GTO!

Tried a few more wider shots to get the scenery in…… one thing became apparent was the purchase of some radios which I had in mind to do before this shoot but confirmed my decision to go ahead and get some when I got back home that evening! On the image above sent them way down the valley and when I tried to wave them up as I had no phone signal whatsoever to get them to come up it proved an issue!

Again just trying a few more wider shots as I knew we would be getting tighter tracking shots later on in the day.

Run back to the car after the shot above to follow them then onto another location to start the tracking shots …

Found a decent section of road about 1 mile long with a few bends to have a few runs up and down to get some low shots. The double white lines in gives you another option for a focal element in the shot.

These two images above on the same short run to show that you try and get slightly different angles / height of the camera to get different feels to the shot.

Couple of pans from the same stretch of road from each side to use the advantage of the height of the banking and three the barrier on the other side.

The full framed image above and the final crop of the DPS below…

Once we had the main tracking in the bag we then started on the interiors and detail shots. Three shots above from the same position, just different focal lengths and angles…

With the light being nice and flat helped with the dark interior…

A few other details, taking in the striking yellow decals and Ferrari badges.

Another journalist I’ve worked with many times is a few inches taller than me and as I’m 6’3″ its a tight squeeze into the cabin even with the seat as far back… not much room with both of us in there !

With just getting a clear rear shot in the bag this would see the shoot concluded. Two shots up you can see the tracking vehicle in the bottom right hand corner. I normally leave that in so the mag / art editor can see the full frame and if it needs removing it can be done if chosen for the final edit.

The image above was used in the final edit but I took out the telegraph poles and tidied it up a little…. see the edit below.


The final layout above… was a few months back now but it ended with a bit of drama. A little further up that road on the final rear shot shown we pulled over to finish off. As the car with the journalist set off I suddenly remembered he had my mobile phone as I had lent it to him as I had a better signal… ah well. I had no way of contacting him until I got home some 5 hours later.

My phone landed through my door a few days later…. Happy days : )

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