Ultimate Golfs – Modern Classics

Shot back in July the day after the TVR shoot (not yet blogged) for Modern Classics.

3 Golfs and for a cover shoot at Bicester Heritage centre. A really good location especially for statics with old hangers and out-buildings with plenty of character.Β 

Got there early and we already had the VR6 owner with us so I went off to find a location within the grounds to start shooting the individuals until the other 2 golfs turned up. The image above was a giant hanger door which was going to have the sunlight that side of it for the duration we needed to keep things on an even keel as far as having the background light for all the individual images.

I shot the VR6 then we concentrated on the cover image. The first main idea was the one above which never got used… One image was wide and the other more standard focal length. My theory why this didn’t get used is that the month previous cover had a single car cover which was in the same position as the VR6 in these ones and would be too similar to have them one after the other …

Anyway … on the image below, what do you get with x2 car owners, a car dealer, an art editor and mag editor? …… your own personal valet machine πŸ™‚

This was car prep for the cover… and I didn’t have to do anything πŸ˜‰

This image above was the final cover shot used but you can see that the VR6 has been cut and moved up to fit in the cover. Final cover below πŸ™‚

The only other group static would be the opening DPS…. (below)

This was made up of three images in the end. I could have done it in two shots but to save time in getting more lights set up I shot it in three frames as I knew I had to shop this image anyway so it was easier to shoot three… Below I’ll explain πŸ™‚

This was the first shot, framed for the DPS and this was purely for the VR6 light cluster. The reason I needed at least two frames was because you cannot get the whole frame in focus from foreground to the black golf in one frame. So only the VRG was used from this frame. (Notice the other two cars out of focus.)

This image above with the blue R32 light was the base image as I could drop the VR6 and the black golf on top of this image. Just two lights, one just off frame to the right and one just hidden behind the VR6. (also notice the VR6 out of focus)

You can see from the image above I had a glorified remote controlled light where it would go where I commanded…. voice controlled if you will … i.e the art editor πŸ˜‰

Same lights from the blue R32 and just light the same way as the previous frame.

So with just the black R32 and the lit bit of ground around it and the light cluster of the VR6 dropped onto the Blue R32 frame you have the final image.

Each car had its own static which needed to be different from the last and complement each other but the engine and interior image the same… above the three car interiors.

Again same image for each car ….


The statics for each of the golfs for their respective double pagers.

Some details which some were used and some that made the editors floor πŸ™‚

Full frames of the four images above with the VR6 which got a few more pages to its self. We used the Black R32 as a tracking car which I enjoyed the soundtrack as we made one or two laps to get these shots.



The image left is the full framed one which had the passengers door in the top right hand of the frame which I left in Β and the final image on the right used with some clouds magically covering the door πŸ™‚ …. also the few barriers left on the horizon also taken out.

Β Β Β Β Β Β Β 

The final layout …

13 pages is a decent article length and as ever always good to get a cover πŸ™‚


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