v8 TR7

A little Life Cycle shoot for Classic Cars Magazine and this time its about a TR7 with some history…

Nice sounding rover v8, as it rolls off the trailer. A couple of tracking images front and rear in the bag early doors.

Short track with some trees to give it a forrest rally feel / look?!

Like the image above but would have been better with the lights off!

Only seven pages and about half are taken up with images and other documents from its past life. having the owner showing the reader around the car is the style for these images above.

Liked the rough and ready interior of the TR7 and the ‘soft’ dash covering helped in cutting down sunlight and flash flare… the only panel I needed to watch out for was the panel with the starter switch – just in front of the gear stick.

The engine would feature heavily on this article and so shooting vertical and landscape in order the option was there for a full pager as well as half page.

Liked the grill and the decals so had a little play with them…

Simple 3/4 shot just in case. As a side note the bonnet looks like its not shut but thats deliberate so the engine gets more ventilation.

A couple of pans to see the profile of the car before we head back to the owners base so we can shoot some of the historical documents of the car.

Of of the documents that weren’t used in the final article is this flyer for the rally car… The best title ‘Control Capsule’ … love it, plus the Leyland ‘Lego’ helmet 🙂


The final layouts…

Until next batch of blogs …


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