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Another cover shoot at Longcross, Surrey,  another long day of shooting 5+ cars… the day was baking and the sun was high and relentless… still it beats working for a living 🙂

Started the day off with getting the statics and details done for each of the cars, as some the cars naturally come staggered a little. It just means you can get started straight away to use as much time as possible.

I try and get the car to drive around me while I look at how the shadows appear in the cabin from the sun and choose as best as angle thats as sympathetic as possible.

Still black interior on a bright sunny day needs the most ‘lifting’…

Don’t mind the door being opened on this Capri as I think the light is coming over my last shoulder and so the pedals are light by daylight…

Tried this 911 through the door as shown above and also through the sunroof but the angle was too acute.

The Citroën SM was just as intriguing to look at under the hood than the rest of it!

The cover shot…. below the original shot and then overlaid.


I’ll let you have a look and see what post work was carried out from the image I supplied to the finished cover 🙂

Once the statics and the cover group tracking was done we moved onto the head to head shoots. I must say we did the Jag and Aston above just before the group tracking as we were still waiting for cars to turn up. It was a good job as just after the group tracking was done the Jag decided it had had enough for the day… but we had one more shot to do with it… we’ll come to that later on.

Must say not was a really funny view from the boot of the mighty Zafira boot seeing these cars head to head.

Its a great private location this and I wouldn’t really think this would be possible else where. I don’t like to get of manual but was tempted he as you come in and out of very harsh sunlight every second…. just the very few occasions I do let the camera do some of the work.

This SM and 911 just for me looked funny 🙂

The last shot we had to shoot with all the cars was the opening group static shots… but with the Jag a non runner now.

We had an idea of the layout and so put the jag in first… by hand and so the other owners all piled in and we got it in and just let it then pulled the remaining cars around it. You can see the various street furniture thats been shopped out for the final DPS (below).

Last but not least, taking a few images of the cars individually. This is where we can take the cars that need to get off first and then release them one by one…

here are the layouts of the final article…

Another cover shoot and its always a good feeling to get a cover on the shelf.

until next time


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