Interview – John Cleland

One magazine that I’ve always enjoyed looking through is Octane. You could say that Evo is a pictorially heavy with images which is great but Octane is also heavy on the images but the content is another aspect that I really admire. Articles that aren’t just about cars and cars alone. They cover off the wall editorial stories that have a wider subject matter but still loosely linked with the ‘gentleman’s interest’ at heart.

This is the third shoot I’ve shot for Octane and I hope for more to come. Just as far for me to travel to London is Edinburgh… well just south of the Scottish capital is where you find John Cleland’s Volvo dealership. There and back in a day with a 8 hour round trip…

The main thrust of this is to capture the interview with the emphasis on his DB6… and anything else that maybe of interest.

Back at his home / garage we started off with the car in the garage and then moved the car out… capturing as the interview rolled on. Interjecting only when needed and as little as possible. The opening image was a suprise to me as with any new article / magazine you work for and how the Art Editors select the images and how they lay them out.

A few of the images not selected but to show the gestures, facial expressions I tend to try and capture. Your waiting for a gap in the conversation or for a funny comment from either party and then you can grab a few frames…

This image above featured in the final editorial… almost a throw away image but shot it because of the Opel roof in the foreground with John’s dealership details on it… Also his original touring car which he tracked down and purchased. His son I think maintains it and John races this at various meets including Goodwood and other historic race series.

Not just facial expressions but also hands and other details that add weight to the other images. Another reason I like Octane and its approach to photography and photo journalism…

Once the formal interview was done and we had enough images in the bag we took off with the DB6 to grab some car shots.

These images never made the final article but shot in-case… I would have preferred not to have so much light spill on the tar-mac but the barn-doors couldn’t be used as the wind was fairly strong up there and didn’t want my lights flying all over!

A few interiors for capturing sake and in the bag in-case needed.

Out on the road the weather and light was a bit flat so a bit of post to bring some details out and stuff.

If any owner of a car I shot would be good at tracking for photography John was not a disappointment. Wherever I ushered him he was there straight away and kept constant… which really helps.

The few images above I think a few frames apart just showing a little angle change and it just gives a little different feel.

Again from under the passengers door (above)… liked this one and probably my favorite from the shoot but never made the final cut.

A few from the cramped rear!

A decent long day but happy with the final outcome.

Jona : )


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