4 Group A classics & Yorkshires B roads

It wasn’t long ago I shot another red Integrale on North Yorkshires B roads with a Cosworth and GT-Four… for Modern Classics mag (You can see that blog here).

This time for Classic Cars Mag the line up is a Quattro, Sapphire RS Cosworth and an Impreza Turbo. The day was forecast for a little light drizzle and cloud and uphill the day and the morning of the shoot the weather kept changing and different forecasts saying different things. We just hoped for it to be dry at least.

We met near Dalby Forest and draw some plans. The cars came far and wide so the first issue was to shoot the cars that needed to get off the first…sometimes owners come and say I need to be away by 12…that proves interesting especially with a multi-car shoot.

Anyway we needed a group opener for the DPS. Having a couple of options we kept it quick and swift in order to get out on the roads to get the tracking done.


The two group shots taken above and the final DPS. The landscape one shot for the DPS… I shot the vertical one as a cover as at the time it was in the balance if it was a cover shoot. In the end the vertical was used for the DPS… don’t know why I didn’t take a landscape of that group shot? Just goes again to show the amount of pixels in the D810 to get a full DPS out of half a frame.

Details and statics for each pairing…usual stuff.

The sky had nothing in it, that sky where its just flat white and no definition… least it was dry!

Front, rear tracking while giving each car ‘limelight’.

The shot above would be one of my favourites from the day, just like the height, angle, road and sufficient blur from the hedging.

Wanted to be further back with these side pans, a little bit more through the trees but just needed to repeat this for each car for the group review and cover bases in order a variety of shots. Not ever one of these would have been used but if there was a strong tracking shot for a particular car or for that matter a weak contender then a side pan might be a better option for the overall article and layout.

Simple clean shot, nothing fancy…

The Quattro and the Integrale was in fantastic condition. The shot above with the 80s mobile phone was never used but taken as it was just bit different with the matching Airport bag and ‘brick’ 80s phone 🙂


Back again to details for the second pair before getting some tracking.

Plenty of clean details in these two cars to shoot. The image below on returning to the Mac I didn’t like the shadow cast by the gear shift… live and learn.

After the details we used another access road to keep the two pairings different from each other or at least to have a bit of variance. I thought in the trees, although sparse thought it was a little more rally feel than the open roads. You can just see the shadow from the tracking car and also the camera lens just on the bottom of the frame…the sun was just about to peek out. You might think that would be good but didn’t want there to be to much change in the images as if you shot on a few days. Just me but you need to crack on.

Pleased with the turn out of these image above and below… the red obviously helps and the high, close trees to help blur the image.

Prefer the image above to the one below as you can see all the Integrale’s front end…but the lower angle is better in my mind. After saying that its not what I think or feel in the end its the eye of the art editor which still to this day interests me.

Same shot below but reverse the order and shoot from each car, again they both won’t be used but to give a wide option for the final layout.

The final few images of each of the Integrale and Quattro and we were done… The sun just beginning to burn the cloud away on this last shot of the Quattro.

Not forgetting the driving shot here of Sam, taken on the same corner from the Subaru shot above.

The first page of the contents with the group shot again and also the thumbnails at the bottom of the front cover.

Pleased with the result despite the limited time restricted on us…

Until next time …

Jona : )

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