Clever Money Cars – 944

Shot some time back on a blue sky, sunny warm day for Modern Classics. On the rare occasion that theresd only you and the journalist… no third driver to make the tracking shots easier.

Anyway it was ‘clamp’ time to rig my car and shoot while driving. A decent road was nearby the garage which made it a decent day as well.

As I wrote before in the skyline blog and many others, you align the camera as best as you can before a run and then you need to keep checking after a short run that theres a decent angle and enough around the car to crop if needs be.

As the shot above, when you can’t be in the boot you need to keep it safe and get the job in the bag. The image above along with the other front shots I’m thinking these are decent openers.

In the end they went for the shot above, shooting into the sun which is always interesting. Always try to keep the original image as I’d like to see it but always keep in mind that the image may need to be tweaked both ways … if I was to prepare it with the highlights being burnt out a lot then that doesn’t leave any room if its not to taste with the art editor…

Quick flip of the rig / mount to the front of the vehicle and repeat the process for the rear tracking. I do like the back end of the 944, has more about it than the front.

Another pass and a little closer and a more acute angle incase they want to run with a rear for the opening double pager.

Once the tracking is done and in the bag its then seems to be a lot faster doing panning and driving shots form the side of the road.

There were two corners just after each other which we shot from both sides of the corners and directions to give us different angles and options. The one above lying down on the job in the grass verge.

On the same corner as the one shot from the grass verge but just trying a different feel and atmosphere.

This corner above was a decent corner but didn’t want to stay there to long as a car coming around the corner at some speed unknowing I was there I didn’t have anywhere to go so made as little passes here as possible!

Sending the 944 back down the road for another pass gives you the opportunity to shoot a rear angle from the same spot. Getting a little car roll and action is a play withe the corner and how fast you can take it as well as getting into position with the camera and timing your pan.

Back at the garage to take the statics and details. Struggling to find a decent location out and about we chose to use the storage unit as a backdrop.

The three shots above to illustrate you can take three different angles while the car is in the same position… variety is good. Must have taken these within 20 seconds of each other.

Again shooting different images from the same set up … different lenses and angles / heights etc etc. Ideally I’d have liked the sun more around the front as I wanted the background to be flat and the car be at 90degrees to the roller door.

Instead of keep rotating the car I try and think ahead of the different shots that we need to take so we move the car as little as possible. Do you want the roller doors in the image for the interior as a backdrop through the front windscreen and so on and so forth.

Think this one one of the last shots taken as I do a last walk around the car. You miss details sometimes or I think I already had taken the image of the turbo badge before but liked the suns angle and the background of the image above so take it again.

The sun was really harsh this day and so we had to lift the interior with lights. Always finding the best angle for the light and camera so you don’t get massive hot-spots on the dash.

Both images above with fill flash to help balance out the deep shadows and think the light was in the same place for both shots…. can’t remember.

The final layout above. Good little shoot, great weather, blue sky and a bright car is always nice, well apart from a white car!!!


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