Another Classic Cars mag shoot, and this time its ‘The List’. Where they put a reader in one of their dream cars. Up in North Yorkshire it was a cold start with low fog and mist…

Off we set from the cars garage location and found a decent lay-by area where we could get some static shots while we waited for the fog and mist to lift.

The above image was the final chosen image but like ever you try and get a different angle, view point to mix things up again. You can only do so much with two people and an engine!

The shot below was taken with the idea it would be cropped top and bottom for a long wide image…

Sometimes you can get the very first reaction for the owner while sat in the car but you end up setting up the shot and getting the reader to talk through things in the drivers seat or wherever with some animation and enjoyment 🙂

The fog started to lit so we headed off to trya nd get some driving images in the bag.

The three images above were taken around the same 90 degree corner. We passed this corner as we drove a few miles to a few roads to find a decent one. While passing this corner i quickly saved it in the sat-nav so we could return if needed. Indeed we did. It was a decent corner as you could see a fair way ahead so you could go wide around each way.

Think this one above was one of the first few frames while I got a feel of the car and speed…

The opening shot above… We found this really straight road with decent trees close to the roadside which helps.

The reader was fantastic being in a classic car, never driven it before and got into positions which I asked which always makes the job that much easier.

The colours were flat that day but pleased we had some background to off-set the car which could have easily been lost against white shapeless clouds.

Stuck myself in some ditches for some panning shots but it was finding some trees which I could get amongst (below) which were used.

Trying different focal lengths and physical distances in order to get different speed patterns, lengths and definitions…. Really helped getting to the side of this curvaceous Jag.

After we got the tracking in the bag and happy with them with enough variety we then just needed to get some interiors. We headed back to the lay-by we started off in… With the natural light being nice and soft just 1 diffused head was needed to just lift the interior. Once we got the angle right so it didn’t get massive hot-spots from the highly polished wood paneling we were rolling.

I’m trying to show the interior off but in the same way shooting as if you want to get into the car and drive, having some images that show a lot while others just giving a teaser of what it would be like to be behind the wheel…

Not the finished one above but close enough in order to show a slightly different angle.

Only a few images for these articles but some nice ones which I was pleased with.

Until next time

Jona : )

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