Evo v Impreza

Shot this end of last year and to say it was wet would be an understatement….. Damp, cold, misty all the elements you need for a shoot 😉

This was the first time that I’d be on a shoot with another photographer. Needing statics of each car and then tracking shots on top it was a good call and we needed every bit of time to get through them all. Stuart concentrated on the stills and I was tasked with the tracking / motion shots.


As far as I remember we got the big group shot done and a few variants for the cover. Stuart did a great job on the cover with the layout of the cars…. After the group static was in the bag we then split off and started on the statics and the tracking images respectfully.

The first challenge was the spray from the road surface… you could manage about 10 frames before the lens got too wet to take an exceptable image. We had three pairs and one single car to shoot. Getting front and rear of each car so we had to repeat a lot of images which in one sense kept the same feel through this multi-car test but kept us on track to get through all the cars.

The Bruntingthorpe air-stip is about 2 miles long then a service road back around to the top of the runway. Not all of the length of the runway is viable to shoot on due to other vehicles and buildings running alongside the run-way.

Like the image above we tried to get some key features of one car while shooting the other.

With a few of these they had decent spoilers and this one above was the biggest which we could frame the other car with…

Bonnet scoops and air intakes were the only other way to show features and get the rear shot.

The top one of the three images above was easier as it was a 3 door so you could reach to get the lens beside the back wheel easier then the others as you had to reach nearly a full door…. all without the risk of falling out. The middle image as well shows the spray starting to influence the final image and for me was a reasonable acceptable amount.

When we finished with the three pairs it was a sigh of relief when we came to the P1… back in the Mighty Meriva (the late tracking car that has been past onto pastures new)… easier to shoot the one car and get some decent angles.

You can clearly see the side of the Meriva between the tail lights and the rear wheel in the body work above. Staying in the boot to try and make this one trip down the runway count and get both rear and front tracking in the bag.

When having the camera within a foot from the road surface I forgot a few times to stay away from the spray being kicked up from the rear wheels…

Once all the track stuff done we sent all the cars around one after the other and did some quick side pans…

We got there in the end… and tried to shoot the cars in preference of letting them depending on distance they traveled. A decent job and one that we needed to just keep on going through the day. Would have been better for all if it wasn’t wet but that’s what you get sometimes.

Until next time.

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