Mirage Countach

There are kit cars and then there are kit cars…

Another shoot for Modern Classics which by the way has gone monthly now…. of a classic. Well there will be people out there who won’t give this one the time of day due to it being a kit / replica.

I’ll leave that one for you to take on-board. What you can say is that this is a really, ……. really good kit car. It doesn’t give you any impression that its been thrown together in a shed and held together with cable ties!!!

Its a head turner. This was evident when meeting the owner in a car park and within 10mins there were 20+ folk snapping phone images and gathering around.


Onto the first location for some statics. Loved this first building but it was shooting in the wrong way, or at least would need some post work as the building would be in heavy shadow. This for me was not my first choice while shooting that it would be a strong contender for the opening DPS….but in the end it was chosen.


Not the landscape image but the vertical shot coupled with an interior detail.

jjp_6867   jjp_6790

The two original images that were used for the opening DPS.


The above image would probably be the more ‘safer’ or predictable DPS… still happy with the post work on this as it needed some serious tweaking to pull the shadows and drop the highlights. Being a white car didn’t help as you could have blown that car right out of the water!

jjp_6829 jjp_6826 jjp_6859

The second location was helped with some local knowledge from Sam the journalist from Mod Classics from his Uni days… 🙂


We wanted a slight angular contrast with the building / background and the Mirage, some 80’s / block building to have the car in some kind of ‘period’ background.


The sun was strong that day and every background that was pre planned ended up in shadow at that time of day… still was a nice day to shoot a supercar classic…. (be it a replica or not!)


Don’t mind lying on the floor when its not wet ! 😉


Above image was another framed image for a DPS option… not a strong one but another one as an option.


There were some art sculptures (Not sure who from but Henry Moore ‘esk’)…. Shot a couple of ideas just because I liked the juxtaposition… only made the editors cutting floor 😉

jjp_7009 jjp_6989 jjp_6923 jjp_7041

Couldn’t find any safe place to shoot the car in amongst some fitting buildings to carry on the theme. Found a few lanes in order to get a few motion shots in the bag. A couple were used in the end with the one above of the rear being cropped as a single vertical page.

One funny thing on this shoot was at the end we needed to shoot the owner at the wheel while driving. I said just drive down this lane and I’ll grab a few images, he said “how fast “, I said (knowing full well the reaction I would get….) “however you drive normally”. His eyebrow lifted and said “seriously?!”, with a smile I said “Of Course!”

I knew that I couldn’t get a sharp image of him driving going that fast down a bumpy country road and getting a blurred background out of the window. I just wanted to enjoy a little ride!

That was until we turned the corner on a single lane track and was faced head on with a giant John Deere tractor… locking up a little stopping a cars length away…. “well that was fun” I said better let me grab a few images whilst trundling along for a few 100 yards.

Until next time…


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