DBS at 50

This was a good shoot for me in the sense that it was my first cover for Classic Cars. Happy with any covers but shoot a lot for Classic Cars over the past few years it was nice to get the opportunity to shoot a cover shoot.

Down in Surrey its a decent distance for me and being a cover shoot with 7 cars all arranged with owners to come together in one place the emphasis is on you to get the job in the bag. This upped the anti a little for me and I found myself building up the pressure as well.


This article is 19 pages long and so being my first cover shoot for CC I was eager to see the final spreads and which images were used and how…..the usual stuff as I keep mentioning on my blog.

The image above was the first hint of the article which was a full page ad in the Decembers issue showing whats coming up in the Jan’s issue. Happy days…


The original image above un-cropped / full frame… and you can see the slight tweak with the car spacing.

jjp_9854 jjp_9854cover-combo COVER R.indd

Well here it is…(if you’ve not see it before! or not seen my Instagram feed)… From left to right, the final image as submitted to the mag, Then an overlay of the final cover to show the crop and then the full front cover.

Really happy with this and a few pointers to learn for next time … I shoot on a D810 for magazine work due to it giving me 35mb+ per image so that you can crop heavy into an image and still have plenty of resolution to print with (something I’ll mention later on)

From camera to the first car it may look not that close but it’ll be no more than 2 meters away.


Image above was in fact capturing a run for a cover alternative but in the end was the opening DPS cropped to a landscape, again showing why the nikon D810 is useful as it packs plenty of pixels into the frame and allows for some serious cropping if needed.

jjp_9505 jjp_9450 jjp_9427 jjp_9438 jjp_9433 jjp_0656 jjp_9422 jjp_9501

The first order of the day was to start on the individual images of the cars as we were waiting for the last car to turn up. As there was 7 cars and plenty to shoot we needed to get started soon as. A little production line, a front 3/4 shot, engine bay and interior plus and details that were interesting or unique for that particular DBS.

All was going well until about 4 cars in when the clouds came over and decided to dump a lot of rain! Owners seeking refuge in their cars or diving into the trees for about 40 mins while it past. Thankfully my sunroof was open for only 10 mins until it was pointed out to me!!!!

jjp_0164 jjp_0133 jjp_0124 jjp_0075

Eventually when all the details were done (apart from the last car which turned up) we needed to get on and capture the other images. Pairing off the cars we made a few passes along whats know as the ‘Snake’ at the private location. All these are un-cropped so when you get your copy of the mag you can see how they’ve cropped into them.

jjp_0420 jjp_0323 jjp_0306

Having three pairs and a single car predetermined you need to keep a variety of images so when printed a good selection of images and atmosphere is achieved… I’ll leave that for you to decide on how I did…

jjp_9881 jjp_9873 jjp_9714

A few more images that were shot for the cover and one for a possible DPS.


The Aston Works 4 door Lagonda was the easiest choice for being the single car… Here are a few more images that didn’t make the final edit….

jjp_0618 jjp_0570 jjp_0564 jjp_0507

Took more side on shots for this to try and show the four door configuration… Again always little a bit of sunlight 🙂

jjp_0493 jjp_0480

This one above was the one that made the article… sunlight as it was and not added.

Since this shoot I’ve shot another cover shoot at the came location and I do like it but you can go from heavy shadow to harsh sunlight within a split second so it does keep you on your toes!


Once all the tracking shots were done the last thing was to shoot each car and do some panning shots…


Just sending the cars back and forth, running to a new location each time to keep things varied. Getting both wide shots and tight shots of different cars.



jjp_0433 jjp_0677 jjp_9483 jjp_9441


The overall winner of the bunch…. this image taken early doors in the shoot… before all the rain!!!!

Only took nearly 5 hours to drive back from this shoot!!!

Until next time…




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