GTI Mk1 – In its native homeland

If there was ever an ideal job for me it would be these ‘Pilgrimage’ articles from Classic Cars Magazine. Why I hear you ask? ….. well theres two elements….. visiting a place of automotive interest and capture a ‘look around’ with the journalist and a ‘guru’ from the destination. I love capturing an event, location, venue, photojournalisticly (know idea how to spell that or if indeed it is a word!!!!)

Anyway you know what I mean, to capture whats in front of me and shoot in a way that the viewer is there but silent. Not only does this Pilgrimage article have this element but also it includes taking out a specific car of historical interest for a drive and capture that aspect.

This is the 2nd one I’ve shot for Classic Cars and I must say I do like them…



The opening DPS is great when they bleed fully to the edge of the page…

jjp_0686   jjp_0687   jjp_0688   jjp_0689

As I’ve just mentioned I love just capturing whats in front of me. Waiting for that expression, gesture, interaction that enhances the story, brings to light the experience and I hope gives the viewer the feeling of being there.

jjp_5886 jjp_5874 jjp_5846

There maybe one occasion that you need to get a composed image in the bag which may need just setting up with the people there and then but I prefer to shoot as much off the cuff as possible, just let it to be spontaneous.


This herbie image made the final article and to be honest I just ‘snapped’ this one and later found out that this was one of the original 7 (I think) Herbies used for the movies.


This warehouse used to be part of the original assembly line for VW but is now one of several huge warehouses full of original VWs from all eras.

Apart from this one Karma the rest were all Beetles and all its derivatives… amazing to see.

jjp_5818 jjp_5903

This image above I shot because I like the colours and I loved the Scirocco when I was younger….. plus the 1976 plate caught my eye for obvious reasons.


Moving onto the driving part…. took the opportunity to grab a few driving shots whilst we made our way to find the route to get them in the bag early doors. As we had a plane to catch later that day back to the UK you need to make time count.


The day was really hot and sunny but with some nice hazy cloud covering which helps keep the light soft. Must say the German roads were amazingly smooth, not surprising!!!! Made my life a whole lot easier.


Some of these images never made the final article but just want to show that theres plenty of images that are left on the editors floor.


This interior was the final selected image…. Loved the soft bouncy seats with the red and orange stripes. Think there was a cassette still in one of the storage racks… can’t remember what it was!


Another image left on the editors floor…


After we got the shots we needed it was time to return to Autostadt…. I’ll let you visit the website and find out a little bit more of this intriguing public attraction.


Another image not making the final article showing the two towers that take the finished VWs from the assembly line and then into these record breaking automated car parks…

img_3069  img_3068

A couple of images taken on me phone whilst having a quick trip up one of the towers. It was a privilege to have access to the enormous collection and be one of the few that get access….

Here’s hoping for another ‘Pilgrimage’ article to shoot…

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