Group A Heroes Reunited

The threat of rain, unfamiliar roads, three cars… all in all a typical line up!

For this Modern Classics shoot the main point for me was to get a cover shot in the bag early doors. Knowing this was a potential cover entry it just adds a little to the day, which is good 🙂

In the North Yorkshire Moors we met in Thirsk and then headed off to a pre-determind road. A few turns through the village before the open roads through the heights of the moors we hit the signs… ‘Road Closed’ … good start to the day.

After consulting a postman and with the help of someone within our party with some local knowledge we took off to get round the closed road. That local knowledge turned out to be gold 🙂

The road in mind ran for about 6 miles but most of it now had just been freshly laid with that loose chipping. In the end there was about 2-3 miles of ‘normal’ road surface to play with.

Getting one car in position but 3 you need a little more road than normal. Anyway we took off and got a few passes in the bag for a cover. As you can see through some of these images the weather was dry but the sky & cloud kept changing every minute.

Below is the final cover and the original image.

JJP_5448    Modern Classics Issue 6 Small

This run was later on in the day when the sky opened and so I asked for another run…

JJP_4893 JJP_4922 JJP_5078 JJP_4887

Above were some other cover shots…

14022172_1092517514167078_4576542062452526606_n   JJP_5336

Thanks to Nathan from Modern Classics you have the pleasure of this rare sight… me in front of the lens. Using a good BMW step ladder to grab another option for a cover. All the previous covers for this new title have been statics so this was another option for a cover but also another feature image fro the title page / editorial page.

JJP_5402 JJP_5401 JJP_5362 JJP_5356

Each car got the same treatment to the images above. Engine bay, details, badges and also not shown interiors.


One of the images used in the final article… Just like the image below (not used) you try and show different angles of the cars. If you can shoot from the other cars then it just adds to the flavour of images.


All these tracking shots are taken on the same stretch of road. With the sun going in and out you’ve got to keep in your head which direction would be better for a rear shot and which would suit a front on shot. The shot above and a lot of the tracking images I do I’m not looking through the viewfinder, its trial and error some of the time but you get to know by just looking at the camera in your hand and what you want in the shot.


Again another shot without looking through the viewfinder and this one was used for the opening DPS. I must say that these tracking shots were taken from the boot of the BMW step ladder shown earlier… I never thought that I could fold myself in half and fit in the boot and able to move myself around to get the shots. Wayne (the delta owner) got the best view of when the lights suddenly went out on my from the boot lid closing shut mid run…


Another angle from the ‘ladder’ shot. This was used in the final article but was cropped into a portrait orientation.


After all the tracking shots it was time to grab some images from the road side. Another image above that didn’t make the final article.


More repeating of images this time with the journalist at the wheel of all the cars…


I shot every car the same as the GT-Four above but only this image made the final article…

Must be one of the longest shoots to date, good fun but man I was tired by the time it was to head back home but worth it for this cover.

Till next time


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