DKW – The Crazy Frog…

This car was fun to shoot… It sounded like a cross between an over excited coffee percolator and the Crazy Frog. With it being the same colour it was a perfect match.

As ever getting the opener in the bag was the first port of call. Car in shed / garage and owner for the opener of a Resto shoot. Below was the final image used in the article but not for the opening DPS.


Three lights for this image. ‘Brollied’ mains head felt of shot outside; another main head on the floor behind the DKW; the final light was a speedlight tucked just behind the right hand door frame bounced off the ceiling to light the right hand side of the car to help balance the natural light in the bonnet etc.


The DPS in the end (shown above) was the tracking shot. The main road was about 10 min’s from the cars location which was really handy and also very quiet!!!! The sky was a little flat so tweaked a little post. The original image to the right was full frame.

JJP_2355    JJP_2368

The little 2-stroke with a lot of noise and energy… The image on the right shows the disc brake under the engine, this was the first for me seeing a disc brake within the engine bay…


The image above was full frame but shows the amount of image I leave in for cropping. I said to the owner just give it some beans, not a lot but a little… stood far back on the junction you get a few seconds because you can hear the excited 2-stroke… I managed to fire a few frames off because a few beans were a lot of beans…. Still I’d rather have an owner whose willing to get stuck in, drive close to the tracking car and enjoy the time …

JJP_2604   JJP_2485

A couple of other quick shots to fill out the extra images to give a little scope.


Really clean inside, very light and bouncy seats made for a fun ride.


Always fun riding with Nigel the writer as he’s about 6’4″ and myself being 6’3″ squeezed into some cars we’ve shot is always time for the widest lens available…

JJP_2524    JJP_2628

Another interior and detailed shots…

JJP_2647    JJP_2529

Plenty of detailed shots to be had with



Only today I thought that the sunroof was so underrated. The Mighty Meriva comes into its own when I can get flies caught in my teeth and stand like a royal while shooting the subject car…


The image above never made the final article but just another way to explain that its as much for me to wonder what images make the article than not!!! Tried to get the DKW posters and other relevant artifacts etc in the shot… A simple speedlight ‘wedged’ / placed carefully behind the bonnet.

A few more blogs coming in quick succession but unlike this one I’m not in the running to get a mention in the copy…. so until then.



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