Porsche 924 in all its guises…

This was a first for me, not the 924 …. but shooting for GT Porsche. Having a father in-law whose always had a Porsche since I’ve known him, shooting for Leeds Porsche Centre I’m getting more and more surrounded by the German brand.

Five 924s in its various marks, from the GTS, Turbo, Carrera GT, Le Mans and a straight 924 all headed for a small runway near to Silverstone. As with ever shooting for a new title your mind works a bit extra in covering bases and then some. Not really knowing how many pages for the article but with a 5 car comparison you have a good understanding it will probably run a way down a little repetition of images to keep things clean and ‘readable’.

The first things was to get the opening image shot for the DPS. With a few windows of opportunity after permission was given from the control tower we quickly set up the cars and tried to make every run count. The weather as you can see was favorable and the angle of the sun was good for the runway shot.


Layout 1

The original image sent to the mag and the final image on the DPS. The order of cars as you can see was set up due to the colours. This incidentally was the first frame shot on the move… doesn’t always happen like that!

The simple option was the one above as you would cut the image down the middle for the centre crease, we then tried a few different positions to give some variety…


Again having the black Le Mans car cut for the crease, more road space for text. I like this one but the GTS for me was to far tucked in…


Same kind of feel but using the runway markings as a lead into the image. This yellow line was long enough to give us about 5 frames before we had to all break before over running the runway. Still think I should have gotten much lower. Which I did for another shoot which I’ll no doubt be blogging about later in the year.

Layout 1

To cover the rear aspect of the cars a simple return down the runway… you keep forgetting little stones hurt you in the face when your this close tracking to a load of cars…. never mind putting your camera in the line of stone fire!!!

Layout 1   Layout 1

As this was a comparison we replicated a few of the same shots for each of the cars and also other details to help fill in as another option for the layout as you can see above. Simple use of a hanger wall as a background. The sun kept going in and out so getting the images looking fairly consistent took a little long in time.

The two red ones were pulled out as an extreme difference within the 924 range. Having a moment before planes were getting moved we used the front of the hanger with a little more interest as a background. Positioning the two cars with the Sun as the main light source, getting them in a pleasing angle, making sure the car at the rear wasn’t clipped by the front cars shadow. We also put the GTS at the rear because that was positioned at the front of the pack for another shot. (below)

Layout 1 JJP_6806 JJP_6789

You can see the final chosen image above for the final page. We had to move the GTS as the shadow from the adjacent building was covering the bonnet by the time we came to the landscape image. If possible you try and give both orientations with these type of shots again so the final designer has plenty of options.


The image above was replicated for each car, again to keep things moving straight after this shot it was then to get an engine bay shot as the sun was in a good position.



To finish off here’s an image that wasn’t used in the final article… again its as much of interest to me as to what images are used and the reasons why…

Until next time.


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