Leeds Porsche – Classics

Since shooting at Leeds Porsche Centre last year for Classic Car Mag  I’ve kept in touch and its now developed that we are starting to photograph their increasing Classic Porsche development of the business.

Being one of three I think official Porsche UK center’s the increase of Classic Car restorations, servicing, sourcing and selling is exciting to see.

The first car I was asked to shoot was a GT2… so the range of ‘classics’ is fairly wide!

Within the showroom near the workshop there’s an area that has a low ceiling and is almost blank on 3 sides. So we cover the back wall in background paper for the backdrop.


This is from a previous visit / shoot but just to show you the area and the back wall which we cover; the two alcoves and the garage door.


Turning all the lights off, rolling down the shutters on the back wall and the one on the right to get a clean area. You can see the white tape on the floor which just helps us get the lights and car in the rough same position so the set of images per car is as unified as possible.

For each car we shot a front 3/4 , side on and a rear 3/4. Only 3 lights, one each side with strip soft-boxes and one open light for the background.

JJP_2938 JJP_2955 JJP_3012

We then captured a few details of the exterior and interior.

JJP_3018 JJP_2968 JJP_2979


And an engine shot…. not that you can see much in the 911.

JJP_2863 JJP_2849 JJP_2840 JJP_2833 JJP_2802 JJP_2795 JJP_2793

We shot 3 cars with a small gallery of images each… above is a GT3RS.

JJP_2920 JJP_2911 JJP_2908 JJP_2904 JJP_2895 JJP_2883

These images are for the advertising of these very clean and tidy examples of some great classic Porsche’s.

Below is one advert I saw in a mag with the typical Porsche layout and design with the GT2 we shot in Leeds.


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