If Bowler made a Series 1….

This shoot was for LRO and it seems I’ve shot quite a number of Land Rovers recently. All of them being of some uniqueness and this one was no different. A series 1 that went a lot deeper than skin deep… Bowler Motorsport are the creators of this unique Series 1.

The same people that created the Wildcat that turned Richard Hammond into a ‘Driving god’…(video here) have created a gem.


Before I write just a few things about the car specifically…. the location was pretty good as well. A test track of about 1mile around a lake that was private : ) …..  open the gate, close the gate and then go and play…. This made tracking a whole lot easier and ‘cleaner’.


This for all intent and purposes looks like a Series 1… but its what lies underneath the skin that makes this interesting… Basically you’ll have to get the current issues of LRO and have a read of it as I’m not that mechanically minded.


But what I do know it has a Jag 3 Ltr V6 and just sounded well good. Not a savage in your face like say the wildcat but a reassuring burble.


While I was shooting the driving shots (above) I was in the back on the benches and whenever we set off or accelerated I had to grab onto the cage before I slid to the back door… this thing had some torque.


The interior was really sympathetic to series 1’s, clean and well finished.


These vents above were the air con for the cabin.


Vented disk brakes, suspension upgrade and chassis. Like I said I’m no mechanic but alot of mechanical thinking and engineering went into this to make it look like a Series 1 but that you could easily drive daily.

JJP_0194   JJP_0160


The final image for the opener.



The whole shoot was made all the more easier due to the location and the ability to grab the shots needed with relative ease.


A good day out, great location, the sun kept coming in and out which proved a little annoying at times but that’s life! … still beats working for a living.



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