Which would you pick???

This shoot was for Land Rover Owner International Magazine. This shoot will ever been ingrained in my head, not for the side wind and rain atop the Yorkshire Dales which proved interesting but for the fact that I was just getting over two days of a sick bug and was still a little green…

The joys of working for yourself ; )

JJP_7355 JJP_7401

We started off with some statics and getting a few detailed images to go with this specific article… Not a green-lane article or an individual piece but this was asking the question which of these two would you choose for a weekend ‘toy’ if you will…


Not knowing if this was a potential cover shoot I looked for opportunities to get a few cover angles in the day. This above was a track we stopped on because of a nice puddle of water just out of shot at the bottom but also lent itself to a decent long scenic view. Of course coupled with rolling fog!

JJP_7452  JJP_7471

These two images were obviously at the same location but were taken about 1 min apart. The one on the left was the first run and again looking for a potential cover or a full page image. The clouds were moving fast and I asked for another run and sure enough just as the ‘defenders’ (easier to call them both defenders even if technically they aren’t!!) were gone over the crest of the hill for the second run the clouds suddenly cleared for the second pass…. on the right.

document2812939690158386830.indd JJP_7715

The final DPS above and the original image. Having the D810 as I mentioned in a previous blog, is really helpful as you have soo much detail and file size that if you crop a good third of the image out you can still very easily use that for a full double page spread.


We carried on a few green-lanes and kept hoping out at certain points to set up a few drive-byes. On a foggy day you can get some pleasing muted colours which just suit the ‘defenders’ and a scene that for me epitomises the make and model.


Stood in a heavy rain coat and over trousers I was fairly comfortable (apart from being sick!) but the rain I couldn’t do anything about. I was soon running out of clean lens cloths to try and dry the front element as a fare few of the images had rain circles on them…


Sometimes its easy to forget about a rear shot so when an opportunity stares you in the face you grab it and say thank you : ) … again the flat sky had a little definition in the clouds so without over doing it making it a little dramatic helps along the way.

JJP_7687 JJP_7758

The image above was at the highest point of the day and the wind was fairly sideways! …. The portrait shot on the right I was definitely thinking of a cover shot.


This was never used in the article but was taken shortly after we set off… For me the Series 1 was fun but the 90 would be my choice, a little more creature comforts and a far more comfy!



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