Skyline GT

Its a small world…

This Skyline I saw back in Feb this year at London Excel for the London Classic Car Show. A great looking car and sounded not too shabby as well… It was back to the North East for this ‘Epic Restoration’ for Classic Cars Mag.


As all the other Epic Restoration shoots, (XJ220, Lea Francis Sport) its fairly image light with the main opening DPS image as a static image within the workshop / garage.


A few units beside each other with this body shop unit the only space we could use… One main studio light to light the front of the GT up and a speedlight to light the offside wheel as the wheels were black they needed a help along the way…

JJP_7924 JJP_7908

A really tasteful restoration, plenty of details to capture and the metallic silver finish really looked good.

JJP_7907 JJP_7905


Even the engine bay was just as impressive as the rest of the GT…

JJP_7958 JJP_7959

This car had bags of history and one previous owner from new. The items on the left above were an original 8 track cassette from factory. Two bottles of race fuel additives, a Chinese drivers lucky charm and the original torch that came with the car from factory which was still in working order. All the documents were there and from just the few stories the currecnt owner has managed to gather really make this exceptional Skyline stand out…


A couple of lights to lift the car from the background…


Really good to see this car again and to hear the backstory of its life and how it has been creatively restored into this fine example.

More posts to come soon…


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