Luxury Off-Roading

Clear blue skies, the promise of a warm day, 8 Benteyga’s and 2 Mulsanne’s parked outside the Grosvenor Hotel Chester, this was lining up to be a good day.

Up to 30 VIP guests were in for a Benteyga experience. I’d experience the Benteyga on a previous visit so I was pleased to be placed in a Mulsanne… I’ve had worse ‘taxi’s’ which got me about on a job. The first port of call was at a local disused quarry near Chester for the guests to put the Benteyga through its paces and see that this is indeed just as comfortable and at home in a rough environment as well as on the open road.


By this time the sun was glaring down and the temperature was raising… Along with the guidance of the Bentley drivers the guests took the opportunity to drive through various surfaces and gain first hand experience of the capability of this luxury 4×4!


With plenty of soft sand, water, rocks, inclines and descents there was enough variety within this quarry to see how the 8 Benteyga’s handled. They all came down in single file into the heart of the quarry then it was like a scene¬† from ‘wackey races’ or a scene from Italian Job as they starburst out and all went off in search for a quick adventure.


It was my task to capture the sights that displayed themselves before me, trying to anticipate where they would emerge from the water, trees or over rocks in order to get some varying images.


What I saw from the guests faces there were plenty of smiles and it seemed that this was just a big playground with some big toys…


I can’t show more images from the day due to confidentiality but the guests then went on a road trip to see how the ¬£160k+ Benteyga handled on the road with its capacity of 0-60mph in 4 seconds before heading back to the HQ showroom…not bad for a 4×4.

A few more jobs with Bentley coming up but may be posted on my other editorial site

Until next time…


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