Got to be seen to be believed…

This was the 2nd LRO (landrover Owner International) magazine shoot in as many days within less than a mile from each other. Not only that but less than 30mins from me…. happy days. This one certainly ticks the box for “really!”, “That’s mental!”…. you can add your own as well.

All I was told was that it was a landrover on tracks… didn’t surprise me to hear that but to see it, you’d expect Fred Dibner behind the wheel stoking up the steam engine in order to reach its full top speed. After saying that a steam engine would probably leave this Cuthbertson for dead!


On entering the Huddersfield Landrover Centre, (a place I’ve driven past on numerous occasions but never ventured in) you couldn’t miss the thing. I’m 6’3″ and to stand beside it the top of the tracks came just above my waist. Not only the size of it but the fact it was parked next to a City Cab, custard yellow in colour. Probably two of the rarest Landrovers parked beside each other each created for complete separate uses.


The sun was shining which helped but the only place we could shoot this was a track beside the Hudds centre that we could drive up and down on. You can see above that the sun was directly behind me and so I was trying to hide my show in other shadows, like the tree trunk shadow above…


Trying to get some motion in the tracks & wheels meant shooting at a ridiculously slow shutter as the speed on this thing was about 5 mph…

JJP_9570  cuthbertson R (Low-res PDF)-1

The opener spread, double page before and after print…


Dragging the shutter in order to accentuate the speed was always going to give this vehicle the impression that it went some…. alas not.


A few trips up and down this 200 yd track was enough to get some motion shots…


With it have a ‘steady’ speed I was able to keep running ahead or behind in order to get a different angle and make each ‘run’ as profitable for images as possible. it was forward one way and reverse the other… the turning circle on this was probably about a ‘week’.


A full restoration so the interior and finish on this was immaculate. All standard and original spec. We managed to get this shot before this example was being sent over to the US for someones private collection.


Just a little fill light as normal to bring the interior out as the sun was still glaring in…


After the tracking images it was down to details and getting some more info on how this thing works and the issues when restoring. The image above had just one speedlight hidden to balance out the sunlight which was coming in top left of the frame…

Certainly a different vehicle and one of the most unusual ones I’ve photographed.

Until next time


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