This 911 wasn’t ‘Rough’…

I’d never been to the ‘dogs’ until this shoot came up…

The location was Sheffield Dog Track, in the evening. We had a little discussion with the management as to where we could position the car within the stadium. Initially it was going to be on the grass in the centre of the stadium… not good.

We managed to get permission to drive onto the inside track which was perfect. No flashes could be used while dogs were on the track but to be honest I wasn’t going to because the stadium floodlights provided enough even lighting all around that it wasn’t necessary.

JJP_5898 JJP_5905 JJP_5904

You can see from the images above I’m getting a few different angles for the DPS and trying to get the floodlights in a good position.

Ruf 911 gs (Low-res PDF)-1   JJP_5909

The final opener and original image… I send the full frame and don’t crop any image and leave enough to allow cropping and aligning.


Only for the interiors did we add sppedlights with gels to balance out the colours and lift the dark black interior. The red dials helped as they were something to contrast with.

JJP_5916       JJP_5982

A bit of lens flare for something different…


After the stadium was in the bag we headed out into Sheffield centre trying to get some light for some tracking shots. They asked for gritty images and they got gritty! The image above was some of the brightest and ‘cleanest’ lights.


Two very ends of the colour spectrum here… really old sodium orange lights and then the headlamps… knowing which way to balance is a juggling act.


We had a little drive in the 911 to look for some locations for about 20 mins and this thing was savage. Massive 5-harness in hard bucket low seats. A smooth ride was not in order, an engine noise that sounded like you were on a flight deck waiting for a Typhoon to take off. The car always wanting to get the revs up… anyway was good fun : )

Good change having a night shoot …


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