Epic Restoration – Lea Francis

A trip back to the North East… this time it was in the heart of Middlesbrough. The workshop was in two main buildings with limited space. Only one ‘bay’ if you like could be used to get the opener shot which for the Epic Restortaion article is the main image.

My first thought was…. “man that black is well black”. How can you get ‘shades’ of black??? Take it from me this finish was such a deep shine and very black.

You hope for a colour that  stands out a little from the background but this was visa versa. Light walls and dark car.


A couple of large flash heads at the main car, one off shot left to light up the are around the engines. Also one speedlight in the far corner away from the camera to light up that area.

A little time to balance the lights and colours then it was just getting some motion into the shot.


The image above was taken in the adjacent workshop which had a good mezzanine floor which gave another good angle.


Not too much to change the lights around for the shot above for a clean rear end image which normally finishes off the article.


Only a small outfit Halls Motor Bodyworks, but in great demand with a waiting list of private projects.


We try and capture the main guys who’ve worked on the restoration for the feature… if they are working on anything interesting then all the better. Above a new seat back being constructed for the next restoration / build.


Like I said this car was blacker than black!


The attention to detail was some of the best I’ve seen, right down to this fully build instrument panel with new dials…

Great little shoot, great to be back in the land of me native tongue (or near enough ; )



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