No ‘Mini’ Shoot…Practical Classics Cover Shoot

This was the 2nd day back in the North East of shooting a few automotive articles. The sky was clear, the sun was bright, the wind was just a gentle breeze… this was a great shoot.

Already marked as a strong contender for a cover we just needed to pick out the locations for the tracking images to make the most of the weather and car.


document171303670255513909.inddThe cover shot was taken along with other static filler shots near to Souter Lighthouse. We had about 100 yds to geta few frames fired off per pass to get the front shot in the bag. Knowing we needed to be either side of a dead on shot to reveal the estate side of the mini; if we shot dead on it would look like ‘another mini’. With the sun in its position the front offside was chosen (as well it sits better on a page with us in the west / reading from L to R)

We did about 3 passes on this short stretch of road. The road further up beside the trees in the background we used to get the car into position quickly so when we came out of the tree shadows we could fire off about 5 frames per pass.

You can see that a little work was done from the file I sent. The shadows within the car and the clarity on the grill are a few areas you can see whats been done.

JJP_1478 JJP_1703 JJP_1707

A few detail shots that weren’t used in the final edit.

JJP_1471 JJP_1452

The images about were shot for the opening DPS. The one on the right which was chosen above the left one. The sun was really intense but the issue was the shadows especially the one coming from the left which was cast by a caravan, so full power from a flash to help lift it.


We had a bit of time and a quiet road with a good turning point at either end so we could do a  rear tracking shot. The images below shows the set up how we got the image. Using the carbon boom attached to the tracking / donor car you can get the camera as low as you feel its safe before your camera becomes one with the road!

IMG_1561 IMG_1559

Simply follow the car and click away via remote, check results repeat if needs be… Takes a little while to set up but worth it in the end.


Grabbing some fish n chips on Rover pier…getting a few images thrown in with the gulls, good times. (you can see Roker lighthouse in the bottom right of the image; thi idea was to get closer down the actual pier but couldn’t get down there)


Another image not used in the final edit…simple interior shot.

Great weather, great location (slightly biased), great restoration.

Until next time


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