10 cars…2 miles of runway…. lets play

Bit late in posting this blog but just a tad busy lately…

It was a pleasure to be asked to shoot the cover for the 1st edition of a new magazine… Modern Classics. Concentrating on cars in the 90s-2000s, which for me was my era.

I remember sitting with my mate Andy on Durham Rd, Sunderland with our usual fried rice, chips and gravy from the local Chinese take-away in the early 90s watching the world go by but mainly car watching… happydays…

I digress… the day was sunny and warm and we had the 2 miles of Bruntingthorpe runway to shoot the cover and feature…beats working for a living as they say.

We had two cover shots to shoot for the choice… the static image that made the cover and then the 10 car tracking image.

JJP_6261 JJP_6262 JJP_6266 Modern Classics Cover.indd



We got the static shot done first. The above images shows the process of how the cars were arranged. It took about 50 mins from start to finish to get the cars into position. You can see the final artwork and the layout in the cover.

We then moved onto getting 4 stills of each car which would give the layout options of the car at the bottom of the page and the top. With the car facing left or right.

Worked with the sun and just had to light the front end or the side with one light depending if the car was pointing to the left or right. We were popping full power on the light as we were balancing the sunlight, losing a few stops to the filter etc etc…

Bit of a production line but once in the rhythm we got through in good time. The finished page layout for the M5.

Now came for the tracking shot…. fun and games was to be had.


Yet again another ‘smiling’ selfie…it was well sunny (my excuse)…

Cut a long story short…. the first few passes the cars were all over the place. I think it was the 4th or 5th run up the runway things started to get into some sort of  position which we intended. Pointing to a particular car proved fun.


A few more images once the tracking shot was done to give another option for a layout and the day was done…and please I had some sun-cream in the boot!

Again you can see the layouts in the In Print section.

Until next time


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