Goodwood to Monte Carlo – Riviera Rally

You may or may not know that I’m the photographer for Luxury Rallies, a company that puts on x2 rallies a year which are 7-8 days of 5* hotels and food coupled with some of the best driving roads in Europe.

The Riviera Rally is the most popular rally that takes in France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy then back through to Monte Carlo for a gala dinner in Casino Square.


The day we went over the Stelvio Pass we were very fortunate with the weather. The place looks empty here but 80% it was packed with cyclists, buses and cars as the weather upto this time wasn’t the best so I think every man and his toy came out to play.

We have x2 support vehicles which were VW Transporters…. not as tidy as some of the motors we had on this trip. I was dropped off in the morning by the first van and this was my view for about 2 hours…not bad at all if I do say so : )

This was a rare selfie I shot and since then I’ve had words with myself to smile : )


I captured a handful of our cars coming up and down and all in all everyone had a canny smile on their face when done playing.

For me the most interesting car we had was a 918 in an interesting colour…. I’ll leave that up to you to decide!



When there was a good lull in cars coming I started to watch and follow the birds circling around…after 10 mins of that then almost loosing my balance and heading down the pass I decided to look at the scenery instead.


After being picked up by the 2nd van we made our way back down the other side of Stelvio which was just as spectacular and a more fluid ride…even in a VW Transporter which was put through it s paces by Phil (One of the Luxury Rallies Directors) who is not too unfamiliar with the race circuit be it on 2 or 4 wheels.


I’ll upload some of the promo images from the trip and put a link here shortly… I’ll upload all of the images to my Editorial site as well.

For now …


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