Rare Ginetta – going strong

A ‘Life Cycle’ shoot for Classic Car Magazine…

The G23 was an early prototype for Ginetta, this particular chassis number is No.2. Its been owned by the same owners since they bought it from Ginetta. Recently undergoing a full re-build with alot of the work undertaken by the owners…

Not so much to shoot here, alot of old 6×4’s and old car magazines it has appeared in previously. A few rig shots for an opener and a few statics to give a flavor of the car now.


Not one of the images used but the engine bay was tidy with its nose end hinged bonnet.


Not keen on shooting cars on driveways but this could have been a lot worse, plus the life cycle is heavily involved with the owners and so it fits more into the article than a ‘normal’ driving car specific one.


At least the background was ‘clean’ and plenty of area to work around and position the car.


A major feature is the little ‘port-hole’ windows, (forgot their proper title!) which I captured from a few different angles… capturing the Ginetta logo where possible…



The other rig shot that wasn’t used. Did take this for a DPS, or aat least as an option. I may blog a quick ‘Behind the lens’ piece as I took a quick shot of the set-up and surrounding road.

Nice little shoot and article and this was the first rig shot taken on a D810 which was nice to use the full resolution on the rig. You can see the short article in the ‘In Print’ section of my portfolio.

Until next time… which may be a blog on the next cover shoot… : )


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