Series 1 Landrover Resto

A quick article for Landrover Owner International which we documented that saw a 1st time restoration project. This was at the time I shot it the nearest magazine shoot to me…which was a nice change.

We ended up doing the tracking shots about 2 miles from my house, as that was the only roads I knew well enough that would be quiet enough to hopefully get some images.JJP_0941

For me I was happy with the results from these tracking shots. A bit of post work to give them something as the day was damp, foggy and really flat. I can’t really imagine shooting this defender in a nice sunny scene for some reason….I think that day suited it.


This one on a 90 degree bend was the closet I’d like to have got… but still made a decent shot.


The only rear shot we got…complete with telegraph antenna. I could quite easily take out the post but leave the image as a good starting point for the art editor to have a little room to move on.


The interior is what it is and this being an everyday ride did its job well.


We did a few panning shots with some puddles to splash through… I’ve posted this one as yes I knew I was going to get a little spray but it turned out to be a tad more!!

Once I get the layouts I’ll post in the ‘In Print’ Section.

until next time…


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